The Wire


Only having terrestrial it has been a 7 year wait for one of our 5 terr'st to pick this up, now I know what everyone has been raving about, hard to keep up at times to place all the names to the players but a good watch IMO. Best bit for me is the lack of any Hollywood has-beens trying for some limelight with their false speech therapy twang.
Series 2 in a few weeks. :)


War Hero
Aye. Series 5 running in NZ now at 12.30pm on a Wednesday night!!
I know there's bad language (lots) and violence (graphic), but this is one of the most lauded TV series to come out of the States for years and it gets buried in the witching hour.
You'd almost suspect that it was put on at that hour simply to reduce the number of complaints from those who pay no attention to the warnings, both written and spoken, given before such programmes warning of the content and then ring the TV station to complain at the first F word (Usually about 2 secs in as far as The Wire is concerned. :twisted: ).
Thanks for that, oh mighty TV planners. Ratings who needs 'em?

The DVD set is out in a few weeks so I'll wait for that rather than be as useful as tits on a bull the next day at work.


War Hero
not being well up on modern tech can any one tell me why some of the programmes I've recorded on DVD from Sky+ will not play on other DVD recorders?
I know a little about the different region codes but I have recorded episodes of "The Wire" and it will not play on my other two DVD recorders saying "unknown disc" The same happens with some films I record,some play others say the above.All are set for the DVD-RW disc and normally if recorded from BBC[as is The Wire,] they play.
Are these and some other films protected in some way?I can understand a film but not a series as is the Wire.
Can it be overcome,like to watch them in my workshop if poss.Cheers if you can.

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