The wicked witch has been charged

Just for one blissful moment I thought the wide-mouthed frog (Mrs Bliar) had finally been caught. Somewhat disappointed to discover it's only the mad gwar.....


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Good to see that all Rum Rationers are abiding by the 1981 Contempt of Court Act...

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This has not been in front of a court yet. It is just the charging stage. However, I would love to see Brooks answering her bail, being charged and then marched straight in front of a Beak.

Both defence and prosecution would say they need time to prepare, the Beak will adjourn to a later date. What this would do is bring the matter into the court system so anyone who 'leaks' details prior to the trial can be charged with Contempt of Court.

However, this will not happen and I expect the meedja to be full of leaks from both sides over the next few weeks so the defence can claim that she has not had a chance of a fair trial (not that she ever gave her victims one!) and charges are dropped, reduced to such a meaningless point that the court will end up saying sorry to her and giving her loads of compensation!

And people call me cynical :)


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As soon as someone is arrested, the contempt of court act kicks in, let alone charged or appearing in court. The Act is way out of date now as it simply hasn't caught up with the Internet age...

... that said, Rum Ration is a PUBLICATION... and therefore ultimately falls under it, in the same way that you were to say Celebrity X was a burglar or something dodgy would end up in a libel case...

I would be very very surprised if any court took action, of course, but by the letter of the law...
i haope her and her husband get the maximun possible under the law.For what they had a hand in was very distasteful
I don't think "distasteful" should be a criminal offence. If it was it would be goodbye to this and every other MB I've ever visited.

Its Brooks against the Beeb/Guardan/Labour so I hope for her triumphant acquital.
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