The who really gives a shoite files!!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by NZ_Bootneck, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. I find in the Bide A Wee twilight years of my life, that I tend to give the TV heaps! IE when I've had a few, the missus is in bed and the late night news is on.
    The usual dits of murder, rape and larceny barely raise an eyebrow nowadays, but there seems to be, at the closing stages of the broadcast, a need to inform the viewer of some staggeringly inane piece of 'news' which elicits from me one of the following reactions....
    "WTF, surely they died years ago!"
    "Who the fuck but some spaced out TenaLady wearing OAP abandonded in a home in Surrey, knows who the feck he/she was?"
    Whilst the more 'mature' members of the site maybe crying in their cornflakes at this news...

    I'm left thinking..."Jesus.H save it for 'Variety' magazine 'cause no one cares."
    Anyhoo here is the thread for obsure Obits/death news that all us oldies can tut at or Get all "Cor it's dusty in here..."
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm not gonna click on that link, them cnuts still alive?
  3. Fess Parker just died? I thought he died years ago.

    I'm sure he was killed at the Alamo.
  4. No, that was John Wayne
  5. Drunken numpty link sorted.
    How is it even barely legal that the 'Light Entertainment' twunt that is Dodd still breathes whilst a coonskin cap wearin' frontiersman of the first water such as Fess Parker passes over the bar?
    The time for the 'Shoite Files' to be opened to answer all our (OK, my) conspiracy theories regarding the longevity of those who should have died a painful death long ago has long passed..
    These questions and others must be answered now!
    Val Doonican, rocking chair fanatic or 'Black and White Minsteral Show' apologist?
    Why is Daniel O'Donnell permitted to record satanic 'back messages' on his supposed Irish folk albums?
    Rick Wakeman musician or beneficiary of stoned off their chops 70's suckers?
    Pam Ayers poet or Esther Rantzen time filler?
  6. I suspect Val Doonican is already dead, but has been mummified by his appalling sweaters. :roll:
  7. If you want to do a bit of "Head-banging" whilst trying to get into your sisters nickers down at *The Inbreeders Arms* - I'm sorry to say
    that, even though I believe they are one Wurzel short these days,
    they're STILL kickin' arse and taking names:-
  8. I got into my sister's knickers no problem, they fit me reel good. :)

    As for the Wurzels, I thought they were culled during the last Foot & Mouth outbreak.
  9. I got a brand new combine harvester and will give you the key.somebody mentioned the Wursels. :D :D :D :D
  10. Why is it that whenever I go to a market, anywhere in the UK, there is always a stall selling cheap CDs.
    And the stall owner is playing Daniel O' Fucking Donnell.

    Every time.

  11. Ask those that should know:

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