The whitewash continues.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by PartTimePongo, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. PartTimePongo

    PartTimePongo New member

    From the Inderabid

    They'll be clearing her of having sex with her husband next. 'Oh, you weren't aware that is how babies are made Ms. Jowell?' :evil:
  2. come_the_day

    come_the_day New member

    Will anybody fall on anybody's sword when they have been found out while holding high office?
  3. McHammock

    McHammock New member

    Don't be silly - they're politicians. I always thought that a sense of honour automatically debarred you from becoming an MP.
  4. Ratrat

    Ratrat New member

    Myth or Fact - Didn't Military Officers have to resign their commissions if they ran for Parliament?
  5. hammockhead

    hammockhead New member

    Fact. Still the case if you are on the active list, except for 5*s
  6. exile1

    exile1 Badgeman

    .........and indeed other ranks. In the early '60's we had a gunner who was detailed off to be the Major's batman. He refused and said he would rather leave the army than skivvy for him. He was put in the guardroom to reconsider as leaving was not an option. The outcome was that the PO Tel held a whip round and got the deposit required for him to stand as an independent in the parliamentary elections coming up, whereapon under the rules he was immediately discharged much to the battery commanders chagrin. One up for the lads :D
  7. Dangermouse

    Dangermouse New member

    It is indeed true, but you can be a reservist and an MP.
  8. come_the_day

    come_the_day New member

    Have any ex-Servicemen become decent MPs?
  9. Deeps

    Deeps New member

    Paddy ashdown , ex-RM , SBS as well . A gang of lads tried to mug him
    in Weston-super-mare .He beat the crap out of 2 of them and the others legged it . Top man was always shagging as well .
  10. Lifeboatbod

    Lifeboatbod New member

    Its amazing how these stories get changed, it was one pi**ed up man with a knife, Paddy took the knife from him and the chap legged it. (I was told this by the man himself)
  11. Deeps

    Deeps New member

    Well actually my mates mate was there and one of them had a AK 47 , paddy dia-armed him then shoved the barrel up his arrse.
  12. crazyy

    crazyy New member

    ...that's nothing. I broke up a fight in Liverpool the other night. I decked 2 and scattered the other 4.

    ...then drove off without stopping.
  13. Ratrat

    Ratrat New member

    How about Nicholas Soames? (Although he was a Pongo)
  14. RAMIUS

    RAMIUS Midshipman

    The ancient greeks, who we are told invented this thing called democracy, ruled that you couldn't hold political office unless you had served in the military.
    Might make Bliar think things through a bit more if he had... Even if it was just the fact you can't keep cutting the number of ships while increasing the number of deployments.

    Oh yes the ancient greeks also believed ambition for office was a disqualifier for office.
  15. CarpeDiem

    CarpeDiem New member

    They also believed that women were for children but boys for fun!
  16. navyman

    navyman New member

    "paddy pantsdown"
    how do you know he was always shagging ?! :)
  17. Geoff_Wessex

    Geoff_Wessex New member

    Depends on your idea of "decent"......

    Jim Callaghan was an RN officer in WW2 and of course became PM, and the Duke of Wellington did similar.
  18. andym

    andym War Hero

    If Ignorance is bliss,you now know why Tony Blair grins so much!

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