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This book, being my first glimpse into the world of Sean Dillon, seemed to be a little too slick. Maybe if I had started reading the ‘Sean Dillon’ books when they were first published, I might have a better understanding of the mind set of the characters involved. As it is I was left trying to understand the motivations behind the plot.

An elderly Lady, armed with a Colt .25 fitted with a silencer, going around the streets of Manhattan. Two men attempting a rape, the dispatch of these two guys with well aimed shots, her stroll back to her Chauffeur driven limousine….

All in the first eight pages of this thriller.! This was going to be some journey.
The characters in this book, by the way they appear, are, or should be, well known to the reader. Hannah Bernstein. The terrorist Jack Barry. Brigadier Ferguson of ‘Special Forces’. Then, of course, the inimitable Sean Dillon, apparently an ex IRA enforcer. His history takes about twenty lines to explain in chapter two, thank goodness it did.

The plot switches between London, New York and Washington with extreme rapidity.

The story is told in a fast and furious way that hardly gives you time to catch your breath. The violence is intense and frequent. The fact that a lot of it is IRA motivated, makes this a dated story. When this book was written the ‘troubles’ were a reality.

There is no doubt that fans of Jack Higgins and his ‘Sean Dillon’ books will appreciate this new publication and revel in happy memories of the past. It is a fast paced intense tale using tried and tested characters, the plot changes are slick and the body count quickly mounts. Who is ‘The Connection, the bad guy who is causing all the mayhem? Will Jack Barry escape, yet again? What is Lady Helen trying to do? If you are a Jack Higgins fan I’m sure you will enjoy this story and for that reason I give ‘The White House Connection’ 3 anchors.

A review by Granny.

( A Sean Dillon thriller.) Harper Collins £7.99.
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