The Westland Wasp (Book)


War Hero
The Westland Wasp, a history of the iconic Wasp is being released at the end of November. So for all you Wasp fans. (That'll be me). A cover to cover book of Waspie things. No Sea Kings, no things with wings. Just 100% unadulterated Wasp. It's even written by Waspies too!!!!



War Hero
The Scout was a Wasp with skids!!!!
Senior Service - Senior Service!!!!! Your a Pongo really aren't you??????:p
Seriously, no. But I worked with one once who talked in an affected pongo way. One day,a Scout flew over nearby. Looking out of the window,and winding him up, I said: "Look! A Skite!"

He said: "What?" I said "It's a Skite."

He bit, and got up to see for himself. Recognising the Scout, he said:

"Oh. It's just a Skite."
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