The Week: "If Spain's Banks Collapse, UK May Send In Navy To Save Ex-Pats"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Dec 18, 2011.

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  1. Has Cameron got a few oppos living out there? My blunt opinion is f..k the ex pats, they chose to live there so if it happens it's their problem.
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  2. Careful. I dont want to be seen to agree with you. The space time continuum will tear.
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  3. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm sorry, say again? We might send RN ships to rescue ex-pats who can't withdraw money to get themselves home? They can ruddy well stay out there and suffer if they didn't have the foresight to up sticks and move back before things got to this stage. Spain has been going this way for sometime and sticking it out and praying it might get better is just daft. I resent my taxes going to them, be it to bring them home, or to fund loans to get them back on their feet. How can they expect people to WANT to give them money to help them when they haven't helped themselves by preparing for the worst, like most sensible people do?
  4. Maybe should the situation arise it will be an excuse for Cameron to play with his 'toys' again.
  5. Didn't actually see Cameron's name in that article, just the foreign office, plus I expect that Ed Mildew has some cronies there too!
  6. File it all in absolute crap file !
  7. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    That would be a cracking run ashore - fire sale of crap gifts, pound buying so much more than it used to and young maidens desperate to escape the poverty. Be like visiting one of those countries where cheque cashing makes you a millionaire in dipdobs.
  8. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Concur, Finks, but I don't see that the article referred to Grey Funnel line. I would have thought that coaches were the best bet, but the expats should pay their way and in any case should have seen the writing on the wall and got theior money out by now. Tax dodgers!
  9. Non story again, the banks work perfectly fine in Gib, they cant get their arses down there. Three flights a day FFS!!
  10. it pains me to say it but i agree with Finks re not getting out before it goes tits up

    however i would like to clarify some common misconceptions;

    British Citizens living in Spain in recepit if pension income from UK will be paying UK tax at their own individual marginal rate

    for those receiving a state pension as well then this is taxed too and is NOT index linked (ie not inflation-proofed) just consider the effect on purchasing power over say a 20-30 retirement period

    those UK citizens in retirement over there have probably paid more tax than us living over here who are still earning

    tax avoidance is legal & tax evasion is illegal. if successive governments had not made our tax system so fecking complicated then there would be no need for tax planners/Accountants etc

    ever paid cash in hand? if so then you are almost certainly facilitating tax evasion too - that is illegal

    i hope the above points help to clarify and address some of the 'misguided' comments i have read on this thread
  11. If Spain goes down the tube again they may have to train another donkey, A quick nip over the border from Gib will be a very educational run ashore for young Matelots
  12. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Forgive me for being pedantic Rigsby, but I think only Seaweed mentioned tax dodging. I'm aware they pay taxes etc, but the point still stands. It's too late to shut the gate after the horse has bolted - they can't expect the government to help them out if they aren't willing to help themselves. The warning signs have been there for all to see - if people haven't prepared to weather the storm, then more fool them.

    In my opinion.
  13. I hear Murphy Construction have won the contract to build sloppily built whitewashed villas on a stretch of sand just west of Bognor Regis where the poor unfortunates will be rehoused upon their return to Blighty.

    Just why does it pain members to agree with me? :-(
  14. yep no probs with what you say Magda.

    just a thought though - if i had spent my working life paying taxes into a system, then to retire to Spain and continue to pay taxes into the UK system i do not think it would be too outragous to me to expect some assistance in 'repatriating' me to UK should it be necessary.
    it would be a strong shout for me to up sticks and move back to UK before this date because i would have nowhere in UK to go to having sold everything to go and live in Spain. oh and my house in Spain is now worth feck all too!

    Perhaps this is how 'their' mindset is working

    or perhaps we are all just a tad jealous of them spending so much time in the Sun and privately we are all glad that it is about to go horribly wrong for them...........................How very British!!
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  15. Finks, there is just so much utter rubbish that you post on RR that I it pains me to think that I could possibly agree with you on ANY subject
    Nowt personal - just the way it is :laughing2:
  16. Because 99% of the time you post drivel.
  17. Just HMG being hypocritical and doing what they (rightly) accused the French of earlier this week - talking down another countries prospects.
  18. I will have to disagree with you on that one it's 99.99% but at least I know that unlike some others.
  19. As if to just prove my point, Finks you have posted the following on another thread;

    'What this has done for me is highlight the fact that though 45 suffered no fatalities during the last deployment some of them came back with life changing injuries. '

    Surley you cannot be so 'bone' as to have only realised this so recently. Surley the thought must have crossed your might at some time over all the other 'engagements' HM Forces have been involoved in over the years. Assuming that you are not that bone then why say it? it just seems so bleeding obvious it just doesn't need to be said at all. its all quite baffling really.

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