The wearing of poppies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Very disappointing as I watch the House of Commons live to see that at least 50% of those present are not wearing one.

    maybe they are worried about damaging their tailor made suits or designer frocks.
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  2. You'd cry your sensitive little heart out if you saw the ratio of matelots and RM wearing one this week, I'd say it's nearing just 1 in 10. Ergo, politicians are performing better than servicemen in the poppy wearing stakes.

    In other news, I saw not one cuckoo clock in Geneva last week, I'm very disappointed in that.
  3. Spent a tenner on em so far and will spend a fair bit more cos I keep loosing the bloody things.

    Just cos I may not be wearing one don't mean I don't care
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  4. Should have gone to Maastricht, shop there specialises in nothing but cuckoo clocks. Wouldn't fancy his jobs adjusting them last Sunday?
  5. I usually don't bother until November anyway. By around bonfire night you find loads of poppies on the tube.

    Saves buying one.
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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    This is a pretty much annual event with regard "poppy etiquette".

    The "protocol" appears to be to wear them from November 1st, but they're "on sale" for those of us that wish to wear them. I've changed my avatar "early" as I feel it appropriate after the very recent loss of someone I knew, Cpl Dave O'Connor RM, who used to work at Pompey AFCO.

    Each to their own, I'm not particularly fussed whether someone on TV, in the street or in the Armed Forces wears one or not.

    Some interesting views here: Poppies
  7. Its not even November yet? Where is the line? If you have lost friends you dont need a poppy to remember them. We could just make it a year round thing.
  8. The poppy appeal is a year round thing, I've been wearing my poppy pin for the last couple of weeks.
  9. I have acquired mine (they only started appearing here in Nairobi a week ago) and will be wearing it from November 1st. No objection to anyone wearing theirs from the moment they are available but, a bit like the Oxford Street Christmas decorations - sometimes early is just too early!
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Until they issue spot fines for 'premature poppy violations' I'll probably crack-on & do my own thing by way of remembrance.

    One could pass comment on the particularly unsavoury, unnecessary and garish practice in this country which seems to have evolved ever since Princess Di popped her clogs - namely attaching football scarves, cuddly toys and artificial flowers to bits of street furniture round which someone lethally wrapped a vehicle at a great rate of knots - But, I'll refrain.
  11. Seeing as there have been Christmas puds etc in my local shops for a couple of weeks the poppy line must be just above the celebrate the birth of christ line
  12. Yes I admit to being sensitive when it comes to this particular subject, If that is the score with Jack and Royal them I am extremely disappointed.
  13. It's October 30th.
  14. Even 20 years ago you'd struggle to buy one before the 1st of November, and only wore them the week leading up to it. Each to his own, but "his own" should implicitly exclude the right to pass judgment on someone for not having a Poppy on in October...
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  15. It is where I am as well.
  16. Each to their own, I wear this wristband all the time.
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  17. Can you please get a fuckin' grip.
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  18. Standing orders (within the Corps anyway) used to let you know what date to start wearing a poppy in uniform, the clue is in the word uniform. =-\\\\\\\\
  19. Then stop worrying about other people not wearing a poppy at this early stage and be more concerned about finally taking off your comic relief nose you ******* clown.
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  20. It does not take you long to revert to type, were you bullied at school? I am sure a trick cyclist could have a field day with you as it would appear that you have deep-rooted problems.

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