The Water Board - robbing b****rds ?

(Advise needed)

I moved to a 2 bedroom house from my old flat with my missus and baby, where I was paying around £260 a year water rates. Anyway, during the process of moving, I did'nt pay my water for a few months, and eventually recieved a RED bill for £46. So, thinking nothing of it, I payed the bill, and then recieved another RED bill for the same amount. Still putting it down to arrears, I continued paying several RED bills until "alarm bells" eventually started ringing and I contacted the Water Board to enquire why I was still recieving these RED Bills for £46 each month.
The advisor on the phone informed me that my new rate was now £460 per year. I was obviously surprised by this and asked if there was a possible mistake, to which she confirmed not, as my "rateable value" was set in 199?(cant remember exactly) and mine is actually an avrage rate, and would I like to consider a water meter fitting.
The funny thing is that I know of people with much bigger houses than my own who pay a lot less, and even people in my close with the same type / size house are paying different amounts.

What can I do about this?
(any advise, as I'm struggling with the payments to be honest)


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The_Wonderer said:
(Advise needed)

(any advise, as I'm struggling with the payments to be honest)
Do not know your area or supplier but in the North East with Northumbrian Water,(1) Best to get a meter fitted (fitted free if you let them fit it where they decide)
(2) Set up a budget account and pay monthly by DD
(3) You must use water economically ie using a dishwashing machine and washing machine every day will not reduce your bill even with a water meter
(4) shower only, I bath =nearly 2 M3 (2000 litres)
Shower = 40 litres
Sewage is charged on the basis of water in = sewage out.
I also have a 200 lt.rainwater butt for the garden, path/drive and car washing.

Hope this helps but going on the infor I have given, My sister nearly halved her bill by getting a meter installed and using water sparingly, you of course have your baby to consider.Hope others can help.
What ever you do DON'T Move to the Southwest. Before I went on a meter Mrs & I were paying £980 per year.

Now on a meter and paying £24 per month. Do shower it's better.

However I think Quote I bath =nearly 2 M3 (2000 litres) unquote. is a bit on the High side.

Thats 2 tons of water, or 448 gallons in old money. Mind you A greenie or WAFU could run that up in a single shower :pukel:

So Yes Meter is best, and don't live in the south west :thumright: :thumright:
Did you buy your own home! If you did it should have stated what the water rates are.

Water meters can be fitted on trial for twelve months to see if it is worthwhile going on the meter. You can then have it taken out. But if you sell your home or move, the next occupier must have the water meter reconnected.

If you have a outside connection like a toilet etc. They will fit your meter on the stop tap in the pavement outside your home. The reason they have the stop tap outside the boundary of your home is they do not need a warrant to enter your home to turn off your water if you fail to pay your bill. That was the old system, they still have to go to court for an order to turn off your water

They cannot turn you off completely they allow a dribble of water to still go through for life support but not enough to run your bath or washing machine.

Problem with having the water meter outside your boundary if you have any leaks say outside toliet or garden hose bursts with a big freeze all that water is money. Unless they have a allowance for that I would ask them!!

All new homes are now fitted with a water meter.

So the expert tells me!

It would pay to buy a couple of water barrels if you are into gardening or washing the car on a regular basis. I know one guy who used to flush his toilet once a day using rainwater in a bucket his bill was so low they took the meter way to check it.

In Ireland we pay no water bills or council rates high taxes on everthing else they get you one way or another


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However I think Quote I bath =nearly 2 M3 (2000 litres) unquote. is a bit on the High side.

Thats 2 tons of water, or 448 gallons in old money. Mind you A greenie or WAFU could run that up in a single shower :pukel:

So Yes Meter is best, and don't live in the south west :thumright: :thumright:[/quote]

Yes I think I over estimated but I thought of my bath-time consuption.
1, rinse bath,
2, fill bath,
3, good soak, getting cold,out plug,more hot (could be 2/3 times)
4, Clean bath after,running cold tap as you chase the odd hair (unless you are a greenie or WAFU.)
I used to pay £46 + pounds per month a few years ago , then had a meter fitted & now pay £9 pounds a month . although I do live on my own & shower everyday at the hospital where I work , apart from that I use the water as I've always done , best thing I have done in a while , {south West Water} as well .


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Get a meter mate! However keep an eye on the bills and especially the estimates!!!!! As soon as your back is turned they will see you off! Well SWW do anyway.
Thanks for the advise folks.

(just to clarify)

I dont own my home; it's a pretty small two bedroom with one toilet, bath, and two sinks, however, I do have a front drive, and small garden.
What makes me wonder is the thought of lots of other people I know with much bigger homes who pay considerably less.
My hangups concerning having a meter is that i dont want to end up having to worry about washing, or using the machine etc etc, and am wondering wether I can dispute the rates without having to opt for a meter.

Or is it just a case of thats what they want, so thats what I've got to pay?
No problems in Scotland ------loads of water /rain here!!

However the water and sewage rates are fixed and are included
in the council tax amount for payment.

Advice for sewage/discharge payments . I have a sewage tank /cess pit
and don't pay any charge . My payment is to a contractor to empty the pit
once every 10 years approx very cheaply.
If the water charges get expensive I'll open up the borehole again!!
Life in the country has its benefits!!

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