The Warthog is on its way

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. B******s, thought you meant A10's. Mind you the other will be a big improvement for the guys.
  2. I fully understand and I also have the same concerns but I am sure you know that the procurement of new kit does not and never has happened overnight and any commander on the ground will always and understandably say, yes we could do with some more. It is the unjustified comments such as I have pointed out in my first post that I find nauseating and in some cases infantile. Yes if HMG of any colour deserves legitimate bashing then fair play but to make things up to suit your political persuasion is beyond the pale unless of course you work for the Mail.
  3. My god Fink, we agree!! Nice flag by the way. :thumright:
  4. When I saw the thread title I thought you meant this lol

  5. That is a fair comment Fink but I think much of the gnashing of teeth stems from the fact that the upper political echelons did not ensure before sending men into action that they had the right equipment in sufficient quantities. Providing the troops with what they required seems to have been an afterthought when compared with the political attention given to leaning over backwards for the Americans.

    Of course the British serviceman will get on with the job regardless, "life in a blue suit" as they say. But there seems to have been a distinct lack of alacrity in backing up the men on the ground - did we really have to wait to set up an Apache production line in the UK, for instance, when we needed them now and could have bought them cheaply from abroad?

    I reckon there's two big problems with HMG presently: the lack of any military experience in the Cabinet, and playing politics with materiel production. (Setting up an Apache factory in a marginal constituency because it will be good come election-time, for instance.)

    Nice avatar btw. Careful now or you'll be voting Con at the next election.
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator


    So lets get this right, minister states in June 2006 that he will review the use of certain vehicles after considerable outrage in the press from "malcontents" MoD argue at the same time that these vehicles are fit for peacekeeping duties......................................... 3 years later MoD purchase more suitable vehicle (but said vehicle will not enter theatre in 2009 as it still needs considerable conversion and modification.

    Sounds like you know exactly what you're talking about Fink....not!
  7. Well thats good news, thanks for that Waspie, I wasn't aware of that. Any idea when the soldiers and marines can expect them?
  8. Fink just so I can get my head around your blind obedience to the Socialist Cause when making comments or replying to them, would you tell me, please, what branch were you were in, and how long you served?
    Please feel free to PM me if you wish.
  9. I know what I read and I imagine that will be the same as you, unless of course you are driving a desk in the procurement section of the MOD and have insider information? =) No I thought not.
  10. More bollocks written by yourself. Quote "They are just one of a number of Protected Patrol Vehicles that will be bought as part of a £700million package of Urgent Operational Requirements recently announced by the Defence Secretary John Hutton".

    Tell that to the families killed in the "Snatch" vehicles and the SAS officer who resigned over not wanting his men operating in said vehicles.
  11. It is on record that a senior army officer has said that they still need to use the Land Rover, therefore I suggest to direct your opinions to him as I have no control over the situation. As usual when you have no useful points you descend to abuse but I like it so please don't stop.
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator


    Did you read: "Bronco will arrive in the UK in 2009 to undergo transformation to become the armoured, all-terrain vehicle Warthog, replacing the Viking in Afghanistan."

    Despite what the Daily Wail would have us believe I don't think there is much need for this type of vehicle in UK.

    Did you also read: "Bronco will be delivered to the UK in 2009 where it will undergo integration work."

    Nowhere in that article does it state the vehicle will be in theatre in 2009. It is being bought as part of a UOR on the back of the FRES debarcle and the real need for such a vehicle, it has taken 3 years to get here and in that short time how many people have been killed or seriously injured for want of something like this? I don't want to go back and count because I knew one of them! How many more will suffer the same fate in the time it takes to get to theatre (whenever that will actually be!)

    Your pathetic little political jibe at the start of the thread is conceited, ill informed, childish, inappropriate but no doubt suits you. No I don't work in MoD procurement but real world procurement is a big part of my job, I'm a project manager which is why I am qualified to describe FRES as a debarcle.

    Far better men than you have expressed the need for this vehicle now and have been for over 3 years, not next year or the year after. Its procurement is reactionary when it should have been bloody obvious post the Gulf. This Government deserve no accolade for doing something that should have been done years ago. If it wasn't for the "malcontents" would we have it at all? Of course fecking not!

    Edited: Despite MoD/ Fink spin 2009 looks ambitious for these to arrive in theatre: From Singapore Technologies website: Singapore Technologies press releases

    Singapore, 18 December 2008 - Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) today announced that its land systems arm, Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd (ST Kinetics), has been awarded a contract of about £150m (about S$330m) by the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) for the supply of Bronco All Terrain Tracked Carriers (ATTC). Designated as "WARTHOG" by the UK MOD, the vehicles are being procured in response to an Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR). The vehicle deliveries will commence in third quarter 2009, with the majority to be delivered in 2010.

    I'm sure the Land Rover will be needed for certain roles but there is also an obvious need for said vehicle to be replaced by something a bit more substantial to PROTECT the troops against IED's etc. Doesn't the concept that the resignation of the C.O of the worlds foremost Special Forces units means that HOUSTON has a problem??

    No fink i'm addressing you with the issue seeing as you brought it up to score points in defence of a government who sent its troops into theatre on 2 fronts without sufficient kit and with not much of an idea.

    Further examples
  14. Waspie, "your getting a squadron of Merlins now."

    Can you tell the men on the ground when? The RAF fleet is being increased by six new Merlins transferred from Denmark. The first arrived at RAF Benson in July 2007. The six helicopters are expected to be ready for operations in Afghanistan from March 2008.
  15. chieftiff, just where in my post did I say that they would be on the ground in Afghanistan in 2009?
  16. ex_rubberdagger, I know about the 2 links you posted both tragic losses, as they all are. As for the resignation of the SAS Commander, regardless of his statement at the time do any of us really know all the facts surrounding his resignation?

    Odd as it may seem I do not disagree with your point about sending our troops out without the proper kit. I am merely pointing out that the search and procurement is now an ongoing programme and does have some positive results.
  17. After reading posts for some time now the only people that constantly come out with decent facts and figures are Chiefy and Ninja. Keep up the good work chaps :thumright:

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