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The Wall Run


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Hi all just an update on progress.

Back home and it's good to run some road miles at home, the last few weeks have been boring on a treadmill.

I had to split my sessions in half so I can still get mileage done whilst in defense watches.

So far I've run 449 miles since 1st Jan and currently up until today 139 miles.

Had a couple of niggles which I'm just running through.

Thank to those who have donated so far, although not raised much yet. I'd like to reach £1000 if possible it would be the amount I raised during my London Marathon period.



War Hero
Hi all

Good day today, finally got round to getting my gait rechecked since changing my running technique to the pose technique and can happily say I'm no longer over pronating and now neutral. Very happy indeed.

So much so bought new pair of shoes to celebrate. A nice lightweight pair of Saucony Kinvara 2's minimalist shoes.

Also started getting all the gear I need for the run itself.

I recommend any runners down this end to pop into the specialists in St Austell called Personal Best. Great staff and also forces discount. Which they offered without me asking for discount.

On the training note. Only managed 150 miles this month, so still happy with progress. 459 miles in total so far.

This next month I plan to up the training in regards to time on feet and getting longer distances covered more often regardless of pace.

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Morning all. Haven't updated in a while, mainly due to the internet being pretty gay whilst away. Now back alongside.Got some long runs done in Faslane last month which was good, otherwise there has been a hell of a lot of treadmill running. Luckily now it will be all road/trail running sessions. Had a couple of small niggles but no major injuries and have just kept listening to the body and going with it. I've been running with the back pack I'll be using on the day getting use to the weight with it full of water and other items. I've also purchased my self another garmin running watch. A Garmin forerunner 310xt. my 305 only has a battery life of 12 hours which wouldn't last the lenght of this ultra at the pace I'll be doing so now I got one that will. Good bit of kit. Mileage wise, so far this month I've run 71 miles with a total of 717 miles since 1st of July. So I'm well on target to smash the 1000 miles I planned on doing this year. Money wise, well I've not had as much luck. I've raised so far just over £100 on the sponsor site and about £50 on the paper forms. Now I'm home I hope I can raise some more and hit the £1000 target I set my self. Thank you to those who have sponsored me already :) Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Owain Thomas' "The Wall Run" fundraising page
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Only a few days now until I take on the biggest challenge I've ever set my self.

Physically I'm preppared, well we'll find out soon enough anyways. Mentally I'm shitting myself. As the day comes closer, it's becoming all to realistic.

My goal hasn't changed it is to finish and drag myself over that finish line in Gateshead at the Millennium Bridge (near HMS Calliope).

I'm currently in my tapering training period so the miles this haven't been as much this month compared to previous months. I've only done so far 87 miles including a half marathon race which I used as a training race in preparation for the ultra so control of my pace slow instead of balls out. I achieved this, so very happy.

My total mileage since I started training for it from the 1st Jan = 885 miles.

There is still time to sponsor me if you feel you'd like to. I've raised in offline donations £225 and I've raised so far online £141.60. So a total of £366.60 so far.

All donations will be going to the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity.

If you like to sponsor me click on the link below.


War Hero
Only 2 days until I fly up north for this event

Please spare some dib dobs


War Hero
Today I fly up north for the big event tomorrow. I'm shitting myself. Please spare some change and sponsor me.

Remember this is a huge challenge for me! 69 miles from Carlisle Castle to Gateshead!

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War Hero
Race number picked up so all that is left is start at 7am tommorrow.

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War Hero
Hi all

I'd thought I'd update those who've have been reading this thread how I got on, on Saturday.

After a delayed start due the course being altered due to the weather (a river had broken it's banks and cut part of the course off over night) I headed off from Carlisle Castle at 7.30am.

I was very nervous and slightly scared of what laid ahead of me. I didn't know the course and never the distance I needed to run before. Out of comfort zone and by myself (no one I know with me running).

As soon as we came out of the castle and headed down the road we turned off through a park type area. Within 1/2 mile we came across waterlogged areas and my feet were soaked from then on. Not a start we wanted. Carrying a full pack back full of gels, food, kit, etc as well as wearing full weather gear was going to be a mission with soaked feet.

I aimed to pace myself slowly as I had a long way to go. My plan was to jog the joggable bits and walk up the hills to save energy.

I hit the first check point at 15 miles in good time. I topped up my water bladder and iso drink bottle, had some munch and within about 5 mins I moved on.

The weather was horrid the terrain got harder going off road with honking great hills and waterlogged paths. I never expected this type of conditions.

After conquering some major sections of the route. I made it to the half way check point at Vindolanda (excuse spelling)

32.5 miles done. I was shattered and overwhelmed by what I had achieved already as I've never gone this far before. It took me 9 hours to get to this point which included short stops at check points and pit stops.

I left half hour later and went back on. Those who were doing the two day event stayed as they we going in the morning which meant just those doing the expert race will be going on.

As soon as I left half way I was straight up hills once more. I hit 34 miles and the course went off road and took a right straight up a hill however no paths just a virtical hillside which I had to my hands as well a my feet to climb. I had stop several times to catch my breath especially as the weather got worse.

I eventually made it to the top! Caught my breath and jogged on. Then I hit a long undulating road all by myself which went on for the next 6 miles. It was during this time about 37 miles I realised my race was coming to an end.

My feet was hot to pieces and an ankle injury had had flared up and the painkillers I was taking was not working any more. I dragged jogged my ass to the 40 mile pit stop and got taken off the course from there to the next check point where my wife met me.

I was gutted to say the least. CV wise I couldve gone on. But my feet and mental state was gone.

I ran 40 miles but in the end after 11 hours 58 mins 09 secs I DNF.

I like to thank all those who have supported me through this journey and those who did sponsor me.

You can still sponsor if you think what I achieved was worth it.

Pics to follow

A little feel for the course after rain had stopped for a minute


Me running along the wall

wall run 1.jpg

It wasn't a flat course

wall run 2.jpg

It became an obstacle course as well not good after 26 miles I didn't need this!

wall run 3.jpg

That damn hill after the half way check point. Pic doesn't show how steep it really was!

wall run 4.jpg

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War Hero
I had to cross the finish line despite retiring at 40 miles


I'm still gutted, however body recovering well and I was back running today :)

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War Hero
Recovery has gone well. Recovered quicker than I thought. Been running every day except the Sunday (day after the ultra) and Friday.

Now I've so far raise £460 (not inc giftaid) for the RNRMC it would be good to hit £500 for my efforts. Thank to those who have sponsored I know times are still tough.

Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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