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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by tommo, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. Well it's been confirmed today, I've entered the 66 mile in one day ultra marathon race along Hadrian's Wall called the Wall Run.

    It's in June next year, so although I've entered the London Marathon again to which I hopefully get another place I decided I needed a bigger goal.

    I won't be logging my training every day like I did for the marathon last year however I will make regular updates on here as I can (will be at sea alot)

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  2. Bloodyhell, what a challenge, all the best for that run, it looks a goal and a half.
  3. All the best for that. Will you be doing it for charity? If so which one?
  4. I probably will end up raising monies for a charity closer to the time. I've not decided which but if I do it will be for a military charity like I did for the marathon.

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  5. Since moving to my bungalow earlier this month I am now further away from the Sustrans track I use, bin busy decorating for 4 weeks so have not been able to train. Checked the new distance on WJR on Sunday and gave it a go Monday morning, 20 miles in 4 hrs, remember I walk not run so for you Tommo it is do-able as you are about 30 yrs junior to me, good luck mate.
  6. I'm assuming that makes you 63 then Stirl.

    My goal is to complete it, no preference time, not done an ultra before. It's going to be interesting training for it not alone doing it, as most of the training will be done whilst at sea prior :D
  7. I did say 'about' . :-D ,crack on mate you have a good few months to condition yourself.

    Cracking the London marathon in the time you did I reckon you will surprise yourself on the ultra.
  8. Just an update

    First of all I've chosen the charity I've decided to raise money for by using my place. This time I will be raising money for Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity.

    Here's my page

    Virgin Money Giving | Fundraising | Owain Thomas' "The Wall Run" fundraising page

    Obviously if you guys could be so kind and donate some spare dib dobs it would be greatly appreciated.

    Now for my training.

    I've been training on and off up until 1st Jan after sustaining a few minor injuries. However since the 1st Jan I've been hard on the training.

    My training is based round my goal which is to cross that finish line in less than 24 hours. So I'm not worried about doing it at great pace. My pace will quicken naturally anyways but it's all about time on feet and endurance.

    So in the last two weeks I've smashed out 61 miles so far. My aim this month is to hit at least 100 miles. Then depending on how I do, I will look at slightly increasing each month that aim.

    I've changed my running technique from heel to toe (gave me too many injuries) to a pose technique (more ball of foot). This has lead to no injuries caused by running so far (the injuries stated earlier was caused by other things). I've been running in this technique for a while now. It's also lead to me no longer overpronating and now a more neutral gait.

    Some of my training will be done abroad and at sea (I hate treadmills so boring). So not looking forward to fitting it around the watch keeping.

    I will also during my training be experimenting with the various foods and gels I will need to take in during the 66 miles. So I will let you know which ones I prefer and find the most suitable for me.

    Please check out the event website for more info.

    I'm looking forward to becoming an Ultra Marathon runner.
  9. Nice one Tommo I have put a note in my diary to drop you a donation on payday
  10. Thank you NG and Frogman for both your donations. It's appreciated.

    Duty today so smashed out a run on the treadmill. Another 10k done ticked off. Still feeling good and the legs are doing ok even with the milage I'm hitting them with. Changing running technique has done wonders.

    Back on the road tomorrow after work thank god.
  11. An update how things are going.

    Sunday is usually my long slow run day. So I entered a 10 mile road race down here. My objective was to use it as a training run and to practice pace control.

    My training partner was off to get a good time. I found myself running with a big lad. He had got himself down from 22 stone to 16 and still continuing to lose weight. He wanted to beat his 10 mile PB so I decided to keep him company and help him do this.

    The route was not flat, it had long graduating hills compared to shorter steeper hills. Weather cold and damp.

    However I felt good and comfortable. I finished the race in 1.34.29 which considering I was going slow and not giving it large I was happy with. The guy I kept company knocked 2 mins off his PB finishing I minute behind me. I decided to sprint the last part. Strong finish and all that.

    This race brings my total mileage up to 102 miles this month with a week to go. I've hit my target mileage so the rest is a good bonus :)

    Again thanks those who've sponsored me so far

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  12. Good Going there Tommo...
    My Donation will be in when i get payed.

    Keep it up!
  13. 1:34 for a 10 miler.....hmm got a bit of room for improvement there shipmate...I'm 54 and did a half marathon last Sept in 1:38....and that was a hilly bastard.
  14. I know I wasn't even giving it large 1.17 is my PB and 1.37 for half marathon. I was just taking it easy ;). Plus it's not about times it about time on feet for me. 66 miles wont be done at a speedy pace.

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  15. congrats on that! 66 miles!! shit, thats like redruth to truro and back, and maybe back to truro again!!
  16. Thank you K640 for your kind donation. Much appreciated

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  17. Hi all just a quick update.Training still going well, had a slightly ankle injury but nothing to serious and overcome it. Currently overseas and braving the harsh conditions. Although the weather is a challenge the views where am I right now is a nice change to the usual routes at home January's total mileage was 136 miles. So far up until yesterday February's mileage is 62 miles. So a total of 201 miles pushed out on the treadmills and roads. Thank you Biggles for your kind donation!
  18. I'll support you when it's time[mind if you don't finish I may have to rethink!] and also I'll drop down to see it.
    Is it from the Toon to Carlisle or West to East? I'll send a cheque whatever just let me know where to send it.Good on you!
  19. Hi allQuick update, sorry for the lack of repsonse but not really had much chance whilst away as such.Training going well, still injury free and feeling good.Have had good runs, in Germany, Poland and Denmark so far. The rest of the time on the boring treadmill. Depsite being either in a 1 in 3 watch system or 1 in 2, I still manage to get 10k's done on the treadmill either in one session or over two sessions. All about time on legs. When I've got a shore to run the distance's have been either 6 miles, 8 miles or 12 miles so far.Total miles done for February 170 miles.Total Mileage so far this year 309 miles. Thanks to all so far that have donated. Seagfarer it's from Cumbria to Gateshead.
  20. Managed to get a shore for a couple of hours yesterday so went for a training run up a mountain

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