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The walk of shame


War Hero
I went TA infantry lance corporal in 1986 to RN and 22 years later left as chief then managed another five as a LT(CCF)RNR,very proud of my time as TA and regular RN,gives me a choice of berets to wear on parades!

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War Hero
CW stands for "Candidate for Wardroom" I believe.

and the winner is.......

Candidate for Wardroom.


2. Before an individual will be considered for commission the following criteria must be met:

a. Meet the minimum academic standards applicable to officers as laid down in BR.3.

b. Successfully completed Phase 1 training.

c. Have attended the unit on a regular basis for a minimum of six months following the completion of Phase 1 training.

d. Medically fit and in date for PULHEEMS.

e. In date for RNFT

f. Recommended by his or her Divisional Officer.

3. Divisional Officers (DOs) are responsible for the professional and personal development of their ratings. This includes identifying and nurturing individuals who have demonstrated the potential or expressed an interest in becoming an officer. Where the DO believes an individual has such potential, the process described in the following paragraphs must be followed.


4. The DO is to ensure that an individual meets the eligibility criteria and has confirmed that he or she wishes to be considered as a potential candidate. The subject is to raise a formal request to be considered as a Candidate for the Wardroom. The request must be counter-signed by the DO.

5. Upon receipt of the request the Admin Officer (AO) will check to confirm that the individual fulfills the basic eligibility criteria before forwarding the request to the CO for consideration.

6. Arrangements will then be made for the subject to be interviewed by the CO whereupon a decision will be made as to whether the individual is to be developed as a Candidate for the Wardroom.


7. Responsibility for supporting and mentoring CW candidates rests with the CW Training Officer (CWTO).

8. CW classes will be provided to facilitate self-learning and broaden the horizons of candidates, however, coaching aimed solely at passing the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) will not be provided. As prospective officers the responsibility for ensuring that adequate preparation has been made prior to attending AIB rests firmly with the candidate.


9. At the end of three months the CWTO will meet with the candidate to review progress and provide the CO with a view as to whether the individual is ready to continue as a Candidate for the Wardroom and attend AIB. The final decision as to whether the individual may apply to attend the board will rest with the CO.

10. Ready to attend AIB. If the candidate is viewed as ready to attend AIB then an application must be made by the candidate to attend the board at the earliest opportunity.

11. Not yet ready to attend AIB. If the candidate is viewed as not yet ready to attend AIB then the subject will be debriefed accordingly and allowed to continue CW classes for a further 3 months before re-assessment.

12. Not suitable to attend AIB. If the candidate is viewed as not suitable at this stage in their career then the indiviudual will be debriefed accordingly and returned to mainstream training. A minimum period of 12 months must elapse before consideration will be given to any subsequent application to become a Candidate for the Wardroom.


13. Candidates may be removed from the CW process at any time by CWTO if their performance or commitment is viewed as inconsistent with that required of an individual applying for a commission in the Naval Service. In such an event reasons for the decision will be given by CWTO and the decision confirmed by the CO.


14. Candidates for the Wardroom will be expected to continue their branch training during their time in the CW class. Similarly, CWTO is required to co-ordinate activities with TO so that mandatory training serials and briefings are still conducted on a whole ship basis.

Anyone know what the minimum academic standards are?


Lantern Swinger
CW classes? I don't think k so ship mate? Is this the up to date br3 chap 50?

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