The *Wagon Wheel* Question.

BillyNoMates said:
rod-gearing me old flower!

(From Submarines'R'Us)

Bet Nuttys got one in his pond.
Nostalgia isnt what it used to be.[unquote]

Ref:- Is it me - or are Wagon Wheels getting smaller??

Either they got smaller - or our pie-holes did. Anyway - here's the recipe
that converts your average W.Wheel into something more substantial:-

Thanks for that Billy,I will get Mrs Gearing on the case asap as soon as she has finished bulling my boots. :thumright: :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
Nutty said:
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There is of course the long established Mars Bar (MB) economy devised by the Financial Times (FT). Read and be amazed.

Mars Bar 1

Then a follow up

Mars Bars

Nutty, the mind boggles. I can remember when Mars Bars cost 6d.
If MB is going to be a currency then, can I open an account in MB and have a credit card? There again better not, I'm a chocaholic.
What is obvious, is that though they (and many other nutty bars) are getting smaller, the price does not, in fact appears to be getting costlier.

Could this be part of the campaign to cut obesity..... ;)


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