The Virtues of a Career in McDonalds by R3

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rachelthree, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. McDonalds is a good career these days, as long as you behave you will automatically be put onto the management scheme and earn all your stars. In terms of job security, promotion prospects etc it is ideal; just the actual job that is grim and rubbish. However i fear that if your aspiration is to become some kind of battleship overseer and control the actions of the navy somehow then flipping burgers will be mcshite for ya
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  2. :laughing3:
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  3. I've gone off 'em.


    [I get those *Rustlers* Microwave Ebola-burgers nowadays, 10 for a quid in Lidl on a Sunday evening]
  4. It sounds funny but it is true. If you have no other options and have to choose from similarly mundane jobs then the golden arches is the one to choose :p 2 years you can be a manager and then apply for management positions elsewhere with your experience, and as long as you dont get caught being naughty it is guaranteed to be offered to you. I dont work for them (thank god cause the food is minging) but know people who do and the last 5 years have turned it into a promising place to work- again just the crap work to put up with and the social stigma
  5. Oh for a time machine to go back to the cabinet meeting when the Thatcher goverment decided that we diidnt need manufacturing, that we could get by with just the service industry, and tell em this is what you will leave for the youth of the noughties, flipping burgers for a yank outfit will be considered a good career.
  6. Pretty much! Its all relative i guess, if you choose to leave school and have minimal qualifications then it offers a job with actual prospects rather than a 'dead end' one- with a company that looks after its staff (not for moral reasons just as they are terrified of being sued for whatever). That said it is unlikely that it will ever be a company someone aspires to working for and hails it as their dream career or anything. Maybe its partly as some jobs are truly rubbish mind, and it sparkles just by being somewhat acceptable.
  7. I worked in McDonalds whilst in college, 85% of the staff I worked with were students, at college or university and the managers (proper managers) had law degrees or manger type degrees. Don't av 2 b stoopid too werk there.

    However the job itself is a load of shit, stupid hours shit pay, and having to "serve" a load of wankish customers daily, don't even get me started on the uniform, especially the green one, why? Just why would anyone create something so awful? As if working there wasn't embarrassing enough, best day of my life when I handed my notice in.
  8. ............
  9. Hilariously dismissive snobbery. If it rapidly leads to a management position it is a sensible move. That's priceless experience for moving on with your CV and your career. It's a fast step on a difficult ladder in a competitive job market. Far better than being stood on a production line for years.

    In a town with no jobs; My nephew refused to work at McDonalds through misguided snobbery and is instead stacking shelves at morrisons where they bring their managers in from outside. No golden escalator there. He's going nowhere.

    Shit job it may be, but it is a great opportunity for the young as a stepping stone.
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  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What R3 says makes sense. She's not saying the job is great or anything, just that it leads to more opportunities. As much as we all slag the place off, what other places do that?
  11. It's that type of attitude off customers that made the job itself worse. The whole talking down on the staff as if they have one brain cell type thing. I was asked to go an a do my managers course but there wasn't much point as I was leaving, the money that the managers are on is good, company car etc.

    I always said it was a good job for people who left school with no gcse's because its fast promotion, and they support you to help get some sort of qualifications in maths and English if you have none.

    The actual work itself is shit, but a jobs a job I suppose!
  12. Have to agree with R3.

    A lad I joined up with was a bit older than the rest of us, early 20s as opposed to teens. He'd worked his way up the maccy dees chain of command and was running a restaurant before he left.

    As the only one in our entry with any real management/leadership experience he was quickly noticed as a potential officer. Didn't take him long at all to hit the wardroom.

    He's now a WEO on boats.
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If that's the case and i worked there, i would not be able to leave the premises as i would be mahoosive. I'm not a real fan of the food but hey, if it's free.

    And there's the rub. There's a chap who sweeps the streets where i work who is quite eccentric. He was a University Professor and had some sort of breakdown. Turns out he loves his current job as there is no stress whatsoever. I'm always polite to people, unless they are complete cockmunching spermtargets.
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  14. You get arseholes in any form of job that involves customers and the general public.

    I run the bar in my bro in law's pub two evenings a week, it keeps me out of trouble, it's an excuse to leave the house and they feed me. A switch seems to flick in some people's heads which causes them to be utter wankers when they are being served by someone.

    The amount of times I've had cunts talking down to me because I'm behind the bar is astounding. They seem to think that I've failed in life because I'm serving them drinks. The worst by far are middle aged patronising women. I had some bird properly kicking off last week because I'd put lime cordial in her lager and lime instead of fresh lime. I explained to her that in my entire time as a barman, no one had ever asked for a lager and fresh lime. By default a lager and lime is always made with cordial. Most barmen would agree.

    "This drink is utterly disgusting...DISGUSTING! I'm not surprised you're still working behind a bar at your age if this is your idea of a lager and lime."

    I laughed, some of the locals who know me, laughed even harder. I handed over a business card and sarcastically told her to write a shitty review on Tripadvisor if it made her feel better. Then I tucked into 2 massive (completely free) steaks at the table next to her, smiling the whole time.

    I'd ruined her entire evening apparently. Her attempt to belittle me had failed. She left with her friends in her shitty 15 year old Honda Civic. I left in a 40 grand 4x4 and went home to my manor house, laughing all the way.
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  15. Mcdonalds manager,he'll be the one in the shirt and tie flipping burgers
  16. Na he'll be the one in the uniform up in the office on 40 grand a year.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2013
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  17. Hahaha brilliant, my all time fave was when smack heads would come into work, name calling and threatening, they just don't like it when you remind them that your taxes are paying for their drug money!
  18. Bugger, looks like I'm in the wrong job!

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  19. Wrong. He's the one beating service leavers to all the jobs because his management experience is real and he's a decade younger.
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  20. Good money, but takes years of arse licking, ridiculous unpaid hours and being treated like shit from those higher up. Suppose that's the same everywhere though!

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