The Virgin Sailor

Peewee Hunt

Thanks janner, and scouse for your interest. I served on a number of ships but my first, fresh out of Ganges in 1961 was Ark Royal and The Virgin Sailor is a fact based account of my maiden voyage from Guzz to the Far East and Australia from the perspective of the lowest of the low, a junior bunting tosser. Reviewers have described it as poignant, intimate and a wild, nostalgic roller-coaster of a ride across the oceans where tales of life and discipline aboard ship and of the men letting their hair down ashore are told with brutal honest. There is more info on it on my website Peewee Hunt and if you look it up at Amazon books, you will be able to open the book and read some samples to see if it is your cuppa.

If anyone else is writing something and needs any free advice or would like to find out how to self publish in paperback or Kindle as I have done (it cost me less than £150) please don't hesitate to ask me - preferably by e.mail to [email protected] and I will happily try and help'

An extract from a chapter in Malta:

The señora was in the thick of it. Wielding the bottle with a technique that would have gladdened the
heart of a Royal Marine Commando Instructor, she demolished the first three rows in moments.
The terrified musicians sat with their heads tucked between their knees clutching their instruments as missiles flew all around them. Bottles, glasses, ashtrays, and chairs crashed and shattered as men from the smaller ships rallied joyfully to fight those from Ark Royal.
With her costume ripped open to the waist exposing heavy breasts supported by an out-sized black-laced
brassiere, still gripping the bottle, the señora was finding a target with every blow.


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