The (Very)Tattooed ex-matelot.


Reading about tattoos being back in fashion, any of the "Old & Bold" ever heard of Tom Woolridge? (as he was then known). Its an old story but interesting nevertheless.

Leopard man played host to Bride of Satan
A DEVIL-WORSHIPPING killer known as The Bride of Satan lived in a cave in the Highlands with ‘The Leopard Man of Skye’, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.
Satanist Manuela Ruda, who is facing trial for murder in Germany after sacrificing a man on an oak coffin, stayed with Tom Woolridge - nicknamed The Leopard Man - during a holiday in Scotland before the killing.
Woolridge, who is said to have served in the Rhodesian special forces, is officially recognised as the world’s most tattooed man. ‘Big cat’ markings cover almost his entire body.
In evidence, Ruda, a self-confessed Satanist, admitted that she carried out the killing in front of an altar of skulls because the Devil told her to.
She also said she had been taught to worship the devil and drink blood during a visit to Scotland.
Now, newly-revealed prosecution documents have shown she moved into a cave with a 62-year-old Scot called Tom. The papers say the man was tattooed from head to foot with leopard spots.
Although it is said the relationship with the ‘Leopard Man’ helped to shape Ruda’s taste for the bizarre there is no suggestion that the time they spent together inspired her to kill.
The revelation that the Satanist killer spent time with the Woolridge, now 64, has shocked the community in Skye.
Despite his eccentricity, locals say the Leopard Man lives a quiet and peaceful existence.
One islander, who did not want to be named said: "I can’t believe that he would be involved with anything of that kind. We see him now and again for supplies. He has done nothing to harm anyone."
Andrew Sutherland, a local councillor, said: "He keeps himself very much to himself and we don’t tend to see him much.
"People here just take him as they find him. He has caused no problem in the community.
"To get to his cave is about a two-and-a-half hours walk. He must be made of hardy stuff."
Billy Reid, chairman of the Kyleachin and Kylerhea community council, added: "No one really knows him well at all, although he has been here for maybe about 12 years.
"The main access to his home is by boat. He has a canoe and that’s how he gets about.
"I think he is viewed with quite a lot of respect because he doesn’t bother anyone. He just comes in to the village to collect his pension and supplies and really keeps himself to himself."
Ruda, 23 and her husband, Daniel, are accused of the murder of a 33-year-old friend.
The victim’s corpse was found in a coffin in her bedroom, his face had been slashed 66 times with a machete, and a pentagram, a geometric symbol used by Satanists, sliced into his stomach. A scalpel was found protruding from his chest.
The cause of death was said to be hammer blows and stab wounds.
The couple have pleaded not guilty to murder and argue that they simply obeyed ‘the Devil’s orders’.
Their defence team hopes that their evidence will result in a reduced sentence for diminished responsibility.
In her evidence, Ruda, who was educated at a grammar school, said the Leopard Man’s cave was too cold in wintertime and that she had moved to Edinburgh where she teamed up with followers of the occult.
She told police she later travelled to the north London district of Islington was where she met up with more Satanists and blood-drinking vampires, she told police.
Ruda said: "We met many people in Scotland and England who offered up their blood to us to drink. In London, we connected with vampires.
"We drank blood from living people. I had fangs from animals implanted in my mouth to bite better with. We learned which veins to bite so it wasn’t an artery we drank from. Later, I filed down my teeth to razor sharpness.
"We slept on graves. One time we dug a grave and slept in it, but I found I couldn’t breathe properly."
Woolridge was jailed for nine months in 1995 for breaking into the office of his ex-wife’s lawyer. Kingston Crown Court in Surrey heard how the former soldier left his home in a remote part of the Isle of Skye, paddled his canoe to the mainland and caught a bus to London.
Before his move to Skye, the Leopard Man spent 29 years of his life in military service. He joined the Royal Navy aged 15 and was a colour sergeant in the 1st Battalion, Rhodesia Regiment.



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