The Vernon Mine Warfare & Diving Monument

Here is the latest 'artist's impression' of the Vernon Mine Warfare & Diving Monument in situ in Pool B at Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, the site previously occupied by HMS VERNON. It is based on a 3D printed model using a laser scan of the half life-size maquette. The finished bronze structure, due to be installed next spring, will be one-and-a-quarter life-size. The monument will be dedicated to all those involved with mine warfare, diving and EOD - past, present and future.

Artist Impression of Vernon Monument in Pool B med.jpg

Thank you sculptor Mark Richards for doing such a fantastic job!

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or view the project's website at: (especially the History section).​

Project Vernon is a charity (Charity Commission Registered Number: 1128677) staffed entirely by volunteers.
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Bad CO

Very clever and they were brave, brave men.

It's just a pity that the current iteration seem to have developed a complete obsession and fear of risk.

Owing to the expected upsurge in the risk from COVID-19 over the coming fortnight, the Project's management has reluctantly decided to action contingency plans and has released the following announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen,​
It will come as no surprise to you to learn that the Trustees of the Vernon Project have, for some time, been giving serious consideration to the possible implications of the Coronavirus on our unveiling ceremony on 25 March. Whilst, at present, there are no restrictions on holding large events, it is likely that, as the disease spreads, such gatherings will be discouraged or even banned. Indeed, some countries have already done this as well as imposing travel restrictions.​
Current medical advice is that the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are most at risk. With the utmost respect to all, many of our supporters fall within those parameters. The advice also confirms that the situation will almost certainly deteriorate dramatically within the next two weeks. It also strongly suggests restricting travel.​
In view of these prevailing circumstances, the Trustees have decided that the only responsible course of action is to curtail the event before this decision is imposed us and with, then, serious financial consequences to the charity with respect to catering and cover for the event, and to our supporters. The monument will still be installed at Gunwharf Quays later this month and, as planned, will be unveiled on 25 March but sadly with a much reduced attendance.​
The trustees will then plan to hold a Ceremony of Dedication at a later date to which you will all be invited. The date of that event will be announced once the situation becomes clearer and safer.​
The intention of the trustees is that those people within a radius of about twenty miles of Gunwharf Quays should attend. Others travelling from further afield are requested not to attend. Special consideration is to be applied to those from abroad who have already bought flight tickets, and whose countries, and the UK government, permit their travel. They may also attend. By this action your committee intend to limit the attendance to fewer than three hundred​
The Trustees realise that this news will come as a great disappointment to many. However, the safety and well-being of all supporters of the Vernon Mine Warfare and Diving Monument is paramount."​

The unveiling ceremony has not been cancelled, just curtailed in what is deemed a sensible manner. The health and welfare of potential attendees, particularly the elderly and infirm, is the Project's primary consideration. This was a difficult but necessary decision and your understanding and cooperation are requested. The alternative was to cancel the event altogether and ruin the plans of many already committed to travelling from far away places including the Far East, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Southern Europe.

Despite the constraining effect of Coronavirus on the unveiling ceremony, the good news is that the Vernon Mine Warfare & Diving Monument is now fully assembled and the green-black patination process started at the foundry yesterday. It is still on track to be installed at Gunwharf Quays later this month.


Vernon Monument at Morris Singer foundry prior to patination 11 Mar 2020 (8) med.jpg

Vernon Monument at Morris Singer foundry prior to patination 11 Mar 2020 (5) med.jpg