The verbing of nouns

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by bumblebee, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. The files have been "alphabetised" upsets me irrationally. There are many dreadful examples. Let's have some.
  2. Don't think that's a noun that could be verbalised even if one had the inclination.
  3. eh!!!!
    I am as confused as a bumblebee in the winter......
  4. Dead or otherwise comatose? No one can be that confused. Hybernating perhaps? Inspecting the back of ones eyelids.
  5. well my daughter once likend me to a""malteaser""..........
  6. Malteser? Brown and rounded on the outside but sweetly honeycombed within.
    Do we know each other? Did we once have an assignation under that certain archway in Gib? He was from Malta and one helluva teaser. Happy memories.
  7. "Regularised" is one that tends to grip mine. These things seem to migrate Eastwards from that great land mass in the West (no, not Ireland, that other place).

    Forgive the thread drift but I have a constant battle trying to keep the word "transportation" out of our various documents (sometimes known as documentation!) when transport is the perfectly normal and adequate Noun or Verb. Many years ago, in the quest for the paperless office, there was a, now long gashed, Site notice requiring the "digitization" of permanent records.

    Keep up the crusade!
  8. Does he mean Nun?
  9. Ouch!
  10. Quote " Your son has been HOSPITALISED"

    Reply from father "You bastards, you've turned him into a building"

    Milligan Spike....
  11. But "Transportation" is not a verb, dreadful though it certainly is whatever part of speech it happens to be.
  12. Hospitalised--Excellent example
  13. bumblebee You are quite right but as far as I'm concerned, transportation isn't even a word, unless it means forcible removable to the Colonies. I meant that "transport" can be either a verb or a noun but the cosmopolitan trendy buggers keep trying to replace the verb "transport".

    My favourite hate is that all American word "burglarize" !
  14. Digitization--That's execrable.
  15. Wonderful and dreadful example. Burglarize? Ouch! Ouch! and three times Ouch!
  16. No, he lost the habit :rofl: :rofl: :thumright:
  17. Did he ever get into it? The rascal
  18. Is the reason nuns invariably go round in pairs is ,comprehensively, to ensure, that one nun gets none.
  19. I couldn't resist this one off the "Burma" Thread!
    Sorry seaweed.

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