The Veil of Shame

Discussion in 'History' started by hobbit, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. I spent a brief period in Malta during the early '60' waiting to recommission a " boat " prior to leaving for a far distant shore. Just before taking over the " boat " the crew lived in Fort St. Angelo, a piece of Maltese history from the days of the Crusaders I believe. Nothing like a few beers in a medieval fort to stimulate the mind with thoughts of the days of blood and guts.
    For those who have shared this experience perhaps you will recall the ghost of the White Lady alleged to have leapt from the battlements rather than submit to the lust of the knights of old. Her ghost now haunts the battlements waiting for the odd matelot returning from shore full of screech and frighten the crap out of him. ( The fluttering illuminated white ensign made a few think I believe )
    To the point, when the invaders finally conquered FSA, the story goes, the females were given a choice , drop 'em or over the side to a long drop onto the rocks below. Those that did drop 'em resulted in their descendents wearing the Veil of Shame, the story continues, which represents a female holding up the front of her dress etc etc. Supposed to be souvenier dolls wearing the VoS but I didn't see them.The ? did/does the Veil of Shame exist or is it another ghost of jack's ( my ) fertile imagination.
    Just a thought of what was an interesting part of my dozen and a glimpse into what appears to be a rather bloody history of that famous little rock in the Med. ( I recall the scrap metal geezer coming alongside at night to swap booze for the bottom plates from smoke candles. wot a life )

  2. I was last in Malta around 1976 and have no recollection of the VoS, though that may have had more to do with the fearsome monkeys after me nuts :lol:
  3. Met some monkeys in Gib, but the nearest things I saw to apes in Malta was the ships companies along the Gut!
  4. Well in today's navy they WOULD be after me nuts! :lol:

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