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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by alfred_the_great, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. All,

    let me make clear from the outset this is not personally aimed at SO2 Seamen, he is merely the most visible aspect of this...

    I am concerned that this forum (and others) is being used as a official way of communicating, and more importantly, there is a suppression of dissent towards the RNR. As a long time user (indeed I joined ARRSE when there was serious belief that it was aiming to stoke mutiny within the Army), I like the fact that people can openly and freely criticise the Service - even if it is mis-guided and wrong. Evidence of this can be seen on most of the forums in Arrse - the RLC "DST is a sh*thole run by tossers" thread is a particular joy! On the other hand I have been the recipient of several PMs, from different contributors, taking me to task for the views I have expressed about topics on here. I did not appreciate these, nor the implied tone that the RN was to be above criticism in public.

    Therefore I ask that all users treat this forum as it was intended: as a way of spinning dits and occasionally taking about serious stuff, but welcoming and encouraging dissent from all involved. If that includes gash buzzes and plain bad information, then I believe that we can police it within our ranks, without formally named representatives from Navy HQ or COMMARRES.

    Please, please do not turn this thread into a pis*ing contest or a way of slagging off other users; I hope it can be taken in the constructive way it was intended......
  2. What a sensible post, makes sense to me, the only little twitch I have is about PM`s. Anybody can PM me on anything they like, but beware, if I don`t like it, it will be posted, if you can`t say anything to a persons face then Zip it.
  3. Correct Hig.

    If you committ it to paper, even electronic paper, then do not complain if it becomes public. If you cannot not accept this then do not put pen to paper.

  4. Very valid post, my only point is that we all should refrain from posts that could be construde as "slagging off" particular people, be they seniors or juniors, thinly vield desguises of who we are personally having a go at, are a tad unfair, and certainly unproffessional.
    I regularly view posts, as it certainly gives me a "feel" for the state of my branch, and I often "jump in" to try and scotch bad buzzes or offer help when I can. I hope that my way of "using" the site is helpful to members of the branch.
    I am a fan of this site, and welcome posts, if my comments offend anyone, then I am genuinely sorry, as this is never my intention, and I realise that the original post in this thread is not a "bash SO2Seaman post".
    I remain available for anyone to PM me on branch issues.
    To all who contribute to this site, many thanks.
  5. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    This is a difficult area to deal with, but I believe its important we have an outlet to 'let off steam'. I've often posted threads here which are controversial, as a means of stoking the debate, or to let the CoC know there is an issue. Given the decline in importance of RTCs, RR is a means of getting people aware of issues.

    Where I would be cautious though is pure rants, such as the one by the Diver - there is a fine line between debate, and just dripping because you are hacked off. While its fine to drip in the mess, where what is said there stays there, you need to remember that dripping here can be picked up by a lot of senior people and lead to real problems for a lot of other people.

    I've been picked up twice - once for a RR posting, and once for an ARRSE posting - (different user names) - when you realise what can happen when seniors read what you say, you suddenly develop a realisation that saying "I HATE THE RNR COS THE PO IS SHITE" can cause problems.

    I'm not saying don't drip - and believe me I have done so over the years, and I am particularly scathing of CMR and others who believe they can control this media. I would say that if you want to rant, either do it in the mess, or be prepared to justify what you're saying with evidence and not just a "I dont like the RNR line".

    In summary - think carefully about what you post, and as a rule, only be prepared to post what you are prepared to justify verbally to senior officers (within reason). You don't know who is reading your post, but I do know a lot of very, very, senior people read ARRSE and RR and do take it seriously.
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    LOL,,,,,,,,good to know they care. How do you know?
  7. I have noticed all the usually clowns have replied to this thread as it has been written in style and "sensibility" like an Harry Potter style... I bet most of the guys who think they are dead clever treated their usual schools like hogwarts :D
  8. Eh? Mine was more like Grange Hill!!!
  9. It's a shite site with shite topics. If I were a young civvy thinking of joining up and read the crap on here, I would be thinking what a boring load of barstewards, and think I might be a traffic warden instead, the people are probably more interesting.

    I see nothing wrong with saying the "PO IS SHITE" especially if he/she is.
  10. Anyway...

    Purple, I quite like the un-substantiated rants, especially as we all know they are un-substantiated. Taking a pop at people in specific posts (as long as they are not named) is close to the line, but I feel we self-police enough. There is a line of thought that says we shouldn't wash our linen in public, especially if it's incorrect, however if the topic is serious enough, and wrong enough, I know other Forum members will jump in and correct the mistake. If we don't, then it either means: a) the rant was correct or b) it was un-important to start off with.

    As for the Senior Officers reading this site, I really don't care, and I hope they take this site in the spirit in which it is meant. If they solely use comments from RR or Arrse as a basis for action, then they are over-reacting. I liken it to the (V)VIP tours we've all experienced: we've all seen a junior bod (AB or Subbie) drop in a drip to the (V)VIP in the hope something will be done (generally because they've been fcuked off at the high port by everyone else), and the (V)VIP walking on contentedly, with all and sundry knowing he will take absolutely no action about it. However, if RR is used to confirm a feeling or belief that they already have, and it is used to focus that belief, then none of us should complain about that. Moreover, we can use the anonymity of this site to reinforce those feelings - whilst it may be correct to place nothing on here we wouldn't say to a 2*, the real question is would a 2* listen to us without the use of this site?!

    I think my underlying concern is that this site is returning to the RNA/RNOA comfiness it experienced about 18 months ago, with Ninja_Stoker running a virtual AFCO in the corner. There are some big challenges facing the Naval Service (and some important ones, which may not be the same), and this site seems willing to let it pass it by. As a topic close to your hearts, the TA can muster 10 pages of concern over the review of reserves and there is nothing on here.

    Perhaps I'm just a bit too involved and I should go back to quietly herding paper from one side of my desk to the other.....
  11. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Alfred - Some good points there. The seniors point is not made to say "don't say anything because Adm Bloggs might be upset", but more to note that if the Adm reads something and gets put out, then it causes a lot of rubbish to roll down hill.

    I'd totally echo your points about the RNA feel of this site - to my mind this site lacks an enormous amount of credibility at the moment as most of us who serve have got bored with it and goneto arrse. Threads here quickly degenerate into "when I were a lad we had X in service and we were flogged daily - but we were grateful for it" shite. Anything which smacks of defending the present gets drowned in the howls of outrage from well meaning individuals who haven't been near a warship for 40 years and bluntly don't have a clue about how todays RN or RNR works. The T45 thread is a classic example of this, with serving personnel saying its actually quite a good piece of kit and will get better, whilst the old & bold were screaming abuse from the rafters.

    If I want to debate interesting issues, then I go to Arrse, where most real matelots seem to lurk at the moment. My gut feeling is that RR will die a prolonged death, with a lot of people walking away in boredom at the incessant highjacking of threads by people who have nothing to do with the thread, and then watching as it turns into an abuse fest, or trip down memory lane.

    Perhaps its time to kill this site and put it out of its misery?
  12. A quick shoulder surf around the Whale Island madhouse will reveal that the site is open on a lot of desktops, certainly up to 1*.

    What they make of it is something one doesn't ask about.
  13. That is just stupid - if you don't like it then you sod off somewhere else, you do have a choice, there are plenty of knitting circles out there.
  14. Seconded. When did 'charge' of this site fall into the hands of one person?
  15. Well, technically, it's two people (the CO's).

    I've put in my 2p's worth, and am pretty much with Purple and Karma. Arrse is far more interesting, which is a shame, as I was one of those on Arrse asking for the creation of RR. With any luck this place will either revive or go the way of e-goat, mfat or Warships 1. In the meantime I shall be spouting bollocks elsewhere....
  16. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Since it was set up by the COs?

    My point is more that the site seems to be turning into an RNA, and not a Naval network - the number of serving naval personnel here who post (and contribute) is pretty small - lots of wannabes and old retired folk, but very few who do the job now.

    Arrse is the reverse - full of serving personnel and relatively few non active people. I think we're going to reach a tipping point soon, where it will be easier for the COs to set up a RN forum or fora on ARRSE, and cut RR adrift.
  17. P.T. the wench with Attitude :roll: :roll: G.Y.T.F. all the old and bolds will miss your Acroynms and Abbreviations, not forgetting the SPIN :cry: goodbye Princess :cry: :cry:
  18. Agree with that - but it is afterall the 'Senior' service :)
  19. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Scouses post just proves my point! Sorry to dissapoint though Scouse, I have no intention of leaving, I just think this place is passing its sell by date. After all if I left, then who would be on hand to correct all the utter balls that you guys spout?
  20. :roll: :roll: You have got bigger balls than most men P.T. :wink: :wink:

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