The use of Language

Many years ago while doing the leadership course at Corsham we received a lecture from the Master at Arms, can't remember his name but at the time Charlie Drake had a song out called Puckwatchie and he was his double. Expected him to break into the song at any time.
His lecture was on the use of the English language and how Jack used too many swear words.
The example he gave was of a CPO receiving a piece of broken equipment from a junior rate. When the CPO asked what was wrong with it the reply was " The Fuckin Fckrs Fckd". Not a very good example as we all knew from the description exactly what was wrong with it.
Many years later as a civilian engineer carrying out Phalanx sea trials on a type 42 the chief I was working with was talking to the WEO. The WEO asked him what was wrong with a certain piece of equipment, "Its Fckd sir" replied the chief. "Surely chief you mean it is broken?" The chiefs instant retort was "No sir, if it was broken I could fix the Fckr"

Any other dits welcome for the language lessons.
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