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1575803869744.pngOnce again folks we are at the time for the Unique RUMMERS Grand Christmas Draw brought to you by the kind offices of Good CO Good CO.jpg and Bad CO Bad CO.jpg

As ever the prizes on offer are Amazon Vouchers – remember to use Amazon through the Arrse/Rum Ration websites so that the site gets something back from Amazon. All helps. 1575803869744.png

First Prize is £100 of Amazon Vouchers

Second Prize is £40 of Amazon Vouchers​

Third Prize is £20 of Amazon Vouchers.​

This is a free to enter competition which can be reached through Survey Monkey in the same place
Ageing Gracefully


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STOP! .........IT'S A CON!!

I was next door and (having had a go here) tried to enter the UNIQUE ARRSE Annual Christmas Draw - guess what? 'You have already completed this survey'.

Rum Ration isn't unique - we're up against all the brown jobs on there too? So best not spend the winnings just yet! ;)


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The actual phrase is "I have the submarine " and you're supposed to add on "come below, shut and clip the upper lid" , :cool:
What if one is not on a submarine? Might make the top bods a bit unhappy if you turn your nice floaty bit of tin into an artificial reef!


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OK, mid afternoon on Boxing Day so I have run the random number thingy on my laptop thingy and after studying carefully the answers to Q3, the following have come out as this year's lucky winners:

First Prize of £100 in Amazon vouchers

Second Prize of £40 of Amazon vouchers

Third Prize of £20 of Amazon vouchers

There you go - the rest of you are all Losers so you can start a self-help group now!

I will pass @Bad CO the email addresses of the winners and he will get on with sending out the Vouchers.
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