The uninvited guest - Chinese boat embarrasses US Navy

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by chinamatelot, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Excellent work by the Chinks. DBF :thumright:
  2. A wake-up call indeed and a lesson for the nations who have pulled this stunt for years with believed impunity . What would the USA have done if the ' boat ' had been detected I wonder , SFA probably . Now , OTOH , if a similar situation arises in a reverse scenario it is possible the PRC will shoot first and ask questions afterwards . So the game goes on , a deadly game at that . Oh to have access to the PRC technology it must be good to achieve what it did . Meanwhile we continue to feed them all the raw material they need to expand and develop and eventually ?????
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Another tick in the box marked the UK should be building conventional Boats
  4. Interesting in a week where an article by a UK think tank said we should be spending less money on anti-submarine warfare because it's "not relevant"! Bloody interfering bastards!
  5. This happened a very long time ago!
  6. And your point is?
  7. Can you put a date on the 'very long time ago' as the article says "a recent Pacific exercise " and is dated 10th Nov 2007???
  8. Ever been in an ASW exercise when the ASW forces, despite being told several times that 'Oi! We're over here', seem totally unable to grasp the fact.
    It's not black magic to remain undetected. When the whole world is isonifying the water with SQS 26 (in my day) along with Janes All The Worlds Fighting Helicopters pinging away which seems to go on and on and on and on, nobody has a chance of listen for the non cavitating target very close to the surface.
    Why didn't the SSN (2) detect the Chinese SSK. Once again if you can't hear, you can't hear. Regardless of whether you've got two tins and a bit of string or a multi million dollar passive sonar set at your disposal!
    I do know that once or twice on exercises the CO of my SSN had to come up and say to our enthusiastic but very noisy allies 'SHUT THE FCUK UP.....we're deafened down here and may as well go home'.
    On the other hand the Yanks might just have been so full 0f themselves that they wouldn't recognize a submarine contact if it bit them in the arse!!!! :eek:mfg:
  9. It happened a year ago.

    By Bill Gertz
    November 15, 2006

    The Navy's top commander in the Pacific said yesterday that a Chinese submarine risked setting off a military confrontation by closely shadowing a U.S. aircraft carrier sailing near Japan.
    "It illustrates the primary reason why we are trying to push to have better military-to-military relationships" with China, said Adm. William J. Fallon, in his first public comments on the U.S.-China naval encounter disclosed Monday by The Washington Times.
    China's government, meanwhile, said it was unaware of the incident.
    "I have not heard of such a report," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said, when asked about The Times report. China's defense policy is "based on self-defense," she said.
    A Song-class Chinese submarine equipped with wake-homing torpedos and anti-ship cruise missiles surfaced within five miles of the USS Kitty Hawk in waters near Okinawa on Oct. 26 in what U.S. defense officials said was a provocative act.
    Defense officials believe the Chinese submarine was practicing for tracking and targeting carriers.
    Pentagon officials said the matter likely will be raised during defense-policy coordination talks with Chinese military officials set to begin Dec. 7 in Washington.
    "Maritime safety is on the agenda," a spokesman said.
    A Pentagon spokesman said yesterday he was not aware than any protest had been lodged with the Chinese over the incident in the East China Sea near Okinawa.
    According to the officials, China has refused since 1998 to agree to notify the Pentagon about its naval movements, something U.S. officials say could help avoid incidents at sea, such as the submarine encounter, that might trigger a conflict.
    Adm. Fallon sought to play down the incident. He said describing the covert underwater tracking of the carrier as "stalking" was "sensational."
    But he acknowledged that the submarine's unannounced surfacing so close to the carrier was risky and in other circumstances might have produced a shootout.
  10. Keep singing the song we need 214's or Gotland type. We need to purchase off the shelf, not start from scratch, with the most modern propulsion used by developed by the Swedes, Erics or Eities . How about a up graded Collins class.

    How do we pay for it, well if no new money comes then the V boats go.


    If one year is a very long time ago how long is it since we sailed the briny sea.
  11. The Yanks certainly do have a stranglehold on hypocrisy! Of course they would never do anything like this. WHATEVER!
  12. Lol...the Yanks, we never had any problems slipping past their escorts and destroyers and firing off a couple of torpedoes (green grenades), did it to the JFK once during exercises off of Norfolk, and this right over SOSUS, so it's not the machines but more the operators...DBF... :thumright:

    Got a BZ from the head guy in Norfolk and I'm sure the skipper of the JFK got extra duties....Lol..
  13. Would they not take part exchange?
  14. Not sure how good Joe Chink technology is, but is this not an excellent case for pushing for conventional boats ? SQS 26 SELJUK ? You're dating yourself !!
  15. Well I could've typed SQS 26 53 series but that would look like showing orf a bit. I'm still deaf from it though. Was it ever really successful. All those pulses and for what. To make me shout Watcher reports louder that's what!
    Mind you it was no where near as bad as Horrible Horrace the forunner of the Soviet Bull Nose or was it Bull Horn? It went mooooannnnn moooaaaan moooaaaan moooooaaaaan BEEP! It really did sound like a spoilt kid whingeing on and on and on and on! :eek:utlet:
  16. Is it likely that the boat sat on the floor and let the screen roll over it? I would imagine that it could manoeuvre to its hearts content once inside.
  17. There is no doubt that a half decent well handled conventional boat can spoil your day if he get's in the grain, and that is the if. Once there as PoL suggests it is not that difficult to get into the middle of things but you are not likely to be there for long as keeping up can be a problem, even with AIP. Having said that they can do things no SSN can and not having them is a very big hole in our capability

    By the way Nutty I hope the comment about going for Collins boats was tongue in cheek, we would need something that worked out of the box, even if it meant using german or italian torpedoes
  18. What was it that one RRer said "only 2 kinds of vessels, submarines and targets"? Bet the Chinese Skipper felt like a kid in Toy R Us.

    Note to Chinese Navy, please keep playing with Uncle Sam's Navy, we don't have much left.
  19. Reading reports, on the Dink site, coming out of Pearl Harbour area the Collins boats now, having had years to sort out their problems, are ripping the Yanks apart. Easy to drop in AIP and they use the yank Mk 48 fish which appears OK. Just a suggestion is you do not want a EC Boat.


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