The Ultimate Negligent Discharge?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by sgtpepperband, Jun 17, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    We have all been around when someone somewhere has ND'ed ... but to accidently pull the trigger on a Sidewinder while still on deck ???



    BTW - I checked this on Snopes but could find anything... :oops:
  2. This must be an American habit. I was in Pearl Harbour when USS Lake Erie cranked off a few Phalanx rounds over the submarine base and in the general direction of the mountains.

    Nothing so run of the mill as a rifle or pistol UD for them!
  3. The Crabs did it as well at RAF Leuchars.

    A rocket took off over the River Eden from a parked aircraft and headed straight for St. Andrews!

  4. I'm sure one of the chockheads will know the detail, and it's a long time since I saw the video last, but wasn't the Forrestal fire caused by a weapon discharge on deck?
  5. What about the Tiger class sticking a 6" brick into the dockyard wall a few years ago.

  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Thanks to another user (BTC) on another site:

    USS Midway. June 3, 1987

    A AIM-9M Sidewinder missile is falling off a F/A18A from VFA 192 while the aircraft is landing on the flight deck of the USS MIDWAY. The missile slides along the deck and falls into the ocean. No injuries are reported.
  7. Not only that but Scarborough (I think) had a very nice 3 inch patch just beside the TS.

    Mind you my predecessor on the Mk 24 TTU managed to put a Mk24 on one of the greens of the Isle of Bute golf course.
  8. What a larf! Treble One squadron were celebrating their 60th Anniversary, and had a marquee set up next to the flight line from where this sidewinder went ballistic. I returned from leave the following day to join the celebration, and followed the gouge marks in the taxiway (with pint glass in hand) The trajectory which the missile took passed straight across that part of the runway where the kites would engage re-heat! One other point, and I wish I could have seen this, the extremely out of fitness chief armourer apparently broke all records as he ran away from the scene of the incident.
  9. Interesting Swiss.

    As a "local" this is the first time I have had first hand knowledge of the event!

  10. I remember the Harrier landing at a Swedish Air Show in the hover mode the silly man had forgotten to put down his undercarriage.

    The Swedes found it rather amusing.
  11. Remember BRISTOL launching a salvo of Seadart missiles at feck all during the Falklands - I believe INVINCIBLE blackcatted that firing 6 missiles at fcuk all. Then there was the three badge Gunners Yeoman who loaded a minesweepers 40/60 with weighted and plugged instead of break-up and fired at ACHILLIES. Or the Harriers that dropped the practice bombs on INVINCIBLE instead of he Splash Target. And lastly good old BRISTOL again almost shooting down a Seaking in the dip with IKARA. We seem to be quite good at this eh
  12. The ultimate discharge?
    Apart from some rather personal ones that situation has not been reached...Yet!

  13. ha ha ha

    yeah i bet the killock on Invincible who had his hand half mangled laughed all the way to the sickbay.
    :thumbdown: :toilet: :tp:
  14. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I hear that Nige recovered well from his injuries and took a settlement from the MoD, I hope it's true he's a good bloke. I thought my memory was going when I read this, I'm sure I was on 801 Sqn on HMS Ark Royal when I had the fright of my life and sure enough I haven't quite joined the pipe and slippers brigade.......... yet!

    By Christopher Bellamy, Defence Correspondent

    The Royal Navy launched an inquiry yesterday into how a Royal Air Force pilot
    bombed its most modern carrier, Ark Royal, on Monday, missing the intended
    target by 500 yards. Navy sources said that one of the two RAF pilots flying
    with the Royal Navy during the exercise had applied to transfer to the senior
    service. It is not clear if the incident will affect that move.

    The Ministry of Defence said such an accident had never happened before but
    refused to speculate how the Sea Harrier 1 from Ark Royal missed the target
    towed behind the ship and, according to the MoD, put the bomb through the
    flight deck. Six sailors were hurt, one seriously, and five were still in the
    Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, Portsmouth, yesterday. However, it is almost
    certain that the plane was practising an attack using the "offset" procedure.
    It is possible that the RAF pilot of the Navy plane failed to press the button
    to switch from a reference point - the carrier - to the target. "Offset" is
    used where the target may be difficult to see, but its position relative to a
    clear reference point is known.

    The practice bomb has the same flight characteristics as a real one but carries
    only a small explosive charge to mark where it lands. The charge exploded
    inside the carrier, starting a small fire. Under the offset procedure, the
    plane's computers make the calculations needed to adjust the bomb's trajectory
    from the "false" target to the real one.

    The Sea Harrier pilot lines up on the ship from about five miles and 250
    feet above the water. Flying towards the ship he then tells the computer to
    attack the "splash target", towed 500 to 1,000 yards behind, while still
    flying at the ship. The attack must be carried out from the beam, or the
    computer software will automatically prevent bomb release. At the optimum
    height, speed and distance the computer tells the pilot to pull up and
    release the bomb.

    Paul Beaver, publisher of Jane's Defence Weekly, said: "It does rely on the
    pilot to press the button to switch from the mock target to the real one." On
    Monday, the button may not have been pressed or the computer may have
    malfunctioned, and the bomb went into the reference point - Ark Royal - instead
    of into the target. The practice bomb hit the carrier about one third of the
    way aft of the ski-jump and slightly to port, reportedly penetrating the flight
    deck and exploding in the mess deck below. But Mr. Beaver said he was "very
    surprised" to hear the bomb had penetrated the flight deck. At that trajectory,
    he said, it was more likely to have bounced off - unless it went into the
    ship's side.

    Beaver is wrong, it most definitely went through the deck, through 2J mess where Nige was sat with some others and all the way down to stop at the NBCD store on 4 deck just along from the Lox Plant (as was) Just 28 lbs of metal and a small smoke charge! Lobbed into the sky from a mile away on a parabolic trajectory that's an awful lot of momentum
  15. I remember this. mind you, i should do, as i loaded the bomb to the aircraft!!

    I thought it only went down to a 3 deck compartment? Remember going down and looking through the hole. It hit the wall, then bounced around a bit leaving a huge gouge in the floor.

    The pilot came round later with crates of beer for each of the messes. He was a decent bloke and felt sorry for him as he was upset by it all.

    The piece of deck is now sitting in the Air-Weapons Classroom, at Sultan.

  16. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    That's interesting, I was the on watch FSI, I was actually sat in 2G having a cuppa when it came through the deck, such is the hectic life of an FSI, got my arse back up to the ACR fairly quickly though!

    The off watch FSI at the time is also on RR as TwoTone
  17. Heard one about a loose fish going up one of the lochs ,up the beach and then thru the doors of some hotel on the shore.
    Dont know if its true,happened late 60 s or early 70's I think.

    Perhaps Nutty may help me out?
  18. Sorry guys, this used to happen regularly on the Big carriers. The wires pulling the aircraft to a stop from 120kts causes forward momentum of anything not fixed in place. Snebs were more usual than Sidewinders though. It was a regular occurance for the Wires and Y director to have to skip over loose items of ordinance.

    The Forrestal fire was caused by an accidental discharge of a Zuni rocket from the range, which hit the drop tank of an aircraft on the catapault. The ensuing fire set off other live ord. tearing holes through into the hangar deck and allowing burning fuel to enter that space.
  19. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Why are you sorry? we don't blame everything on the chockheads you know, just the prangs................ tailplanes, wing tips, nose cones.... but not ordnance. :thumright:
  20. I was serving on the Ark at this time as one of the Yeomen, an interesting event.


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