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The Two Worlds of Charlie F


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We have very kindly been offered two pairs of tickets (per site) to go and see this play in any one of the venues that it is playing. The cast includes injured ex-servicemen and women and this is Charlie F’s story.

To have a chance at winning one pair of tickets, just enter your details and the lucky winners will get two tickets to the theatre of their choice (subject to availability – see below for conditions). Entry form on survey monkey as usual.

WIN tickets to see The Two Worlds of Charlie FUK tour​​

I am Lance Corporal Charlie Fowler. I lost a limb serving my country in Afghanistan. You may have seen our story on the BBC 1 Documentary Theatre of War. We used theatre as part of our recovery process, which resulted in the creation of this award-winning play.

Having sold out in London – playing to critical and celebrity acclaim – due to popular demand, we are now taking our play on a major UK and International Tour. We are the 'Regiment of the Wounded'.

***** ‘Powerfully Affecting’ - The Daily Telegraph

With real life stories performed by British Servicemen and women, The Two Worlds of Charlie F is a darkly comic, authentic and uplifting tale of survival.

“Theatre at its most direct, vital and moving. Inspirational stuff” Michael Sheen

For more information and to view the trailer visitCharlie F | Home

For your chance to win a pair of top price tickets go to the SurveyMonkey link above.

Terms & conditions: A pair of top price tickets to see The Two Worlds of Charlie F at the theatre of their choice, subject to availability. No cash alternative available. Travel not included.

If you don’t want to wait for the competition but would like to go ahead and see the show (and you should!) then the Company are offering a special deal to service people:

Service Personnel Offer - to get tickets at only £10, call the theatre of your choice and quote "Service". This offer is valid for Monday to Friday performances, subject to availability.

(Please note that you should use the following promo codes at these venues - "Charlie Force" for Wolverhampton, "Service Personnel" for Nottingham)


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Book Reviewer
Come on Rum ration, two pairs of tickets on offer here for Rum ration - you wouldn't like to see them go to ARRSE members now would you? Let's have some more entries - if you are close to any of the venues then have a night out. It is a very moving play and it will help support some of your army colleagues who were not so lucky. I have not seen the play as I live north of the Border but I did see the documentary about the play and was very moved just by that.

It has been seen by someone on Rear Party who thoroughly enjoyed and was moved by the show. If you are able to take up the offer then have a go.


War Hero
Review Editor
Book Reviewer
OK Folks

The lucky people out of the draw for this are as follows:

nikko100 & hannahsnell

sgtpepperband & exJenny

Bookworm & Feisty One​

I will be emailing them and the promoters to inform and arrange for the tickets to be sent out or whatever arrangements that have to be made.

Remember, there is still an offer for tickets at an attractive price for servicemen and women; see the offer in the original post.
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