The 'Two Trees' and the 'Cascade Club'

Any locals know if either of these places are still open? Two Trees was in Union St, can't remember about the Cascade. I spent to much money and far to much time in them in the 70's. Also remember a club in the Barbican called 'Ronnie's' they used to give you two slices of mothers pride bread with marge on it to overcome some drinking/eating law. Happy days.
Cheers lads, nice to know it's still going. The whole of Union St used to be a like a military zone and a good laugh. Shame it's going down the pan like the rest of the Country. You could go into the Two trees any day any time and always find a mate.
We used to use the Bulls Head around the back of the Two Trees,is that still going? Went in there years ago on holiday,had a new landlord but still covered in old boats photos.


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Mate. This thread is 10 years old. The OP has been reduced to a simpleton with a penchant for mashed banana. Thanks for the info though.
Blackers, as it 'appens (Jimmy S noises off stage) the post from PK is correct - there is news on Naval Faecesboak pages. Seems the licensing plods have taken a dislike to the place - can't imagine why........!


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I was down in Guz in August and thought the place was closed then, hardly any lights on and generally run down. Nothing like the 1960's when it was always packed.


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I've not been back since 2011 but happy memories of a few Guzz pubs, Keyham Vaults was a dump but very handy to start in, Prince Regent and Trader Jacks I remember. I took the attached a few years ago, some were already closed, the rest were on their arse, sad demise of the once great British boozer
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