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The 'Two Trees' and the 'Cascade Club'

Any locals know if either of these places are still open? Two Trees was in Union St, can't remember about the Cascade. I spent to much money and far to much time in them in the 70's. Also remember a club in the Barbican called 'Ronnie's' they used to give you two slices of mothers pride bread with marge on it to overcome some drinking/eating law. Happy days.
First time I came to Plymouth down Union St I was just passsing the Two Trees as someone was leaving,via the front window!
Brill pub!


Well mate the 2 Trees is still there, I was in it 2 weeks ago, total crap these days, just as well as I was totally crappers.
He ain't lying ^^ Its a waste of time these days, like the rest of the strasse in my opinion. Too many chavs about :(
Cheers lads, nice to know it's still going. The whole of Union St used to be a like a military zone and a good laugh. Shame it's going down the pan like the rest of the Country. You could go into the Two trees any day any time and always find a mate.
We used to use the Bulls Head around the back of the Two Trees,is that still going? Went in there years ago on holiday,had a new landlord but still covered in old boats photos.
Two Trees in Plymouth, closing doors after last orders this evening, Sunday 26th Nov. End of an era. Facing fines over playing music, so shutting up shop for good.


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Mate. This thread is 10 years old. The OP has been reduced to a simpleton with a penchant for mashed banana. Thanks for the info though.


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Blackers, as it 'appens (Jimmy S noises off stage) the post from PK is correct - there is news on Naval Faecesboak pages. Seems the licensing plods have taken a dislike to the place - can't imagine why........!


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I was down in Guz in August and thought the place was closed then, hardly any lights on and generally run down. Nothing like the 1960's when it was always packed.


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I've not been back since 2011 but happy memories of a few Guzz pubs, Keyham Vaults was a dump but very handy to start in, Prince Regent and Trader Jacks I remember. I took the attached a few years ago, some were already closed, the rest were on their arse, sad demise of the once great British boozer
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