The truth about A level results being so good.

So, how long do you reckon it will be before all English universities are 4 years long instead of three to get everyone up to speed? Clever, clever Labour - another year of people off the dole, most learning bugger all of use to the society they will be expected to contribute to.


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slim said:
For years many of us have decried the governments statements that our young people are educated to a higher standard than ever.

Universities 'forced to give remedial maths lessons'
I was at uni between 1982 and 1986 doing a 3 year degree course (no I don't need remedial maths, I just needed 2 goes at my second year!) in Electrical Engineering. I met up with one of my tutors about 5-6 years ago who informed me that the 'level' of subjects studied in the 4 year degree course of [the then] today was lower than that of the 1980s. The first year of the course was spent getting students up to the entry standard of the A-levels of earlier entries with the content of the remaining 3 years being taught in a less concentrated form.

Since leaving education and entering the real world I have interviewed a number of "modern" graduates, including some with advance degrees beyond bachelor level - in general they come over as highly specialised with little ability to think outside their own field and, worse still, fail to recognise that an academic "qualification" alone does not make them an engineer. Fopr too long the educational establishment has focused on metrics that are easy to measure but say nothing about the level of learning.

The 50% target for university entry is a complete farce - bring back the university as a means of teaching at a higher level, bring back A-levels (or equivalent) that mean something and start educating our children to be productive on leaving the educational system at whatever age they choose (within reason). While standards may be "improving" in schools, these standards are increasingly divergent from the needs of employers and the workplace.

slim said:
can you ever believe a politician?
My daughter has just got a first class honours degree in microbiology but didn't know where Southampton is. On further investigation she couldn't point to Norfolk or Edinburgh on the map, but she did have a rough idea where France was.
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