The Tree in Joanna's


Lantern Swinger
Sure it was the Mecca. Remember buying some bird sticky greens,going for a piss & the place was nearly empty of birds when i got back.The D.J. announced that the Hermes which went to sea that morning had had a fire off I.O.W & was returning to Port!!!!!
What I always wonder was this;

There were 3 regular female type people that went into jo's on a daily basis. Now, these women, were........erm, I could say on the large side but that would be too kind, they were MAAAAAHHHOOOOSSSIVVEEE and sat in the sofas inbetween the entrance door and the DJ booth.

Memory serves me correct, these 'ladies' were mother, daughter and auntie and were the top notches on 'pull a pig night'.

One of you lovely lads must know who I am talking about............given dates 1999 - 2002 :afro:
The weather girls, remember them well! Used to work as a bouncer, 88 to 92 when my ship was alongside, worked with Chris, Henry with a beard, Leo was the Head bouncer, a gay lad was the head barman and I still remember the woman with bandy legas at 4ft nothing.