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The Tree in Joanna's


Lantern Swinger
Father_Famine said:
La Club Beasties, Now that was purely a drinking hole, if you trapped there you ended up with a prize spacehopper, a mong on day release and off watch hooker or a Kytie. Nice Place, fell down them stairs a few times and Charlie or his lad would pick you up and point you back to the bar, or if you were scrapping throw you to the street. I was a member there for many years.

I still can't believe that there were women as wide as them stairs :w00t:


oberon said:
My first visit to Jo's was '83 can't remember the tree - but I was pissed. My club of choice was Beasties, Gold card holder.

Beasties - now that was a cut above the rest :pukel: :pukel:
Father_Famine said:
[...........opposite the Mucky Duck, well more or less was the "Palace", ..........I
Also known as the 'Fleapit'.

Is the Sussex Arms still opposite the town hall ? My Old dear, bro & sis spent the night there on the Albion's homecoming in 1966 - she always said she wondered why the womwnlooked daggers at her when she went into the bar !! :lol:


Lantern Swinger
Well then chaps think we have established that the tree did go in the early to mid eighties as we thought, it being there afterwards being an urban myth along with the contents of Mark Almonds stomach pumping and Stevie Nicks preferred method of snorting drugs (up the duck run)!!!!! Had some great times in the place, diving out of the way when the siren went (bouncers inbound to the dancefloor or shithouse) and the fat foul mouthed bastards by the door were inevitably christened 'The Weather Girls' Happy, Happy days indeed!!


War Hero
Some great dits here people, have brought back alot of memories
Grab a grannie-weds nights at the Mecca jacket,shirt and tie required they didnt need to match
Joannass magic sink definately worked bounced down the stairs, went for a nostalgic drink there in the late 90's after a rugby refs dinner in a suit, we got a few strange looks but as it was a friday there were more students than matelots
Beasties................say no more
clanky said:
I cant remember the tree in Jo's, but I do rmember seeing John Wayne in "The mighty Fine".

The Mighty Fine drinking Pompey Royale,now there was a Beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nicks said:
clanky said:
I cant remember the tree in Jo's, but I do rmember seeing John Wayne in "The mighty Fine".

The Mighty Fine drinking Pompey Royale,now there was a Beer !!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a place, negat windows!!! Did Charles from 'The hole in wall' in Gib run it once upon a time?


Lantern Swinger
By the way troops this whole thread started in a conversation with ditdahditdah during which I remembered one of the biggest slices of utter bollocks ever uttered by a member of the forces. A Jenny Wren I worked with years ago was going out with a complete arsewipe of a squaddie, one night out in Gosport he said he his party piece was swinging off the tree in Jo's, bearing in mind this was the mid 90's and he had just acquired pubic hair my bullshit detector immediately switched itself on. He then outdid himself with his dits about Faslane. According to him when the Army landing craft that used to tie up in Rhu and sometimes in the base arrived in the area, the Royal Corps Of Transport crew would enscone themselves in The Imps or The Royal take the bar over and proceed to 'kick the shit' out of any submariner that 'dared' (his words) to set foot in their chosen pub and to further expand his wondrous dit the Bootnecks at Faslane were 'scared shitless' of these 'madmen' and left them to their mad ways.........

Un f****king believable!


I lived around the corner in 92 (Sailsbury Road) and it was still there I'm sure. I used to give the odd matelot an early morning call as they slept in my garden after leaving the place!
wet_blobby said:
I'm sure the tree was there around 1990/91, I'm convinced I have memories of my feet sticking to the floor and p1ssing in the large ceramic container that housed the tree.

Im with you on that one. Ive asked a few of the boys that were there around then and we are sure the tree was there. Cant tell you if it was real or plastic though!! As for the carpet, Im sure they paid someone to make it extra sticky!!


Thanks for all the above, memories indeed. So I think we can reasonably say the following: the tree disappeared during the Joanna's refit in 84/85, it may have briefly reappeared sometime in the 90's, you only went there pissed, had it been human the carpet would have had a drink problem and a failing liver, it was full of generations of hoppers, you didnt want to eat the food, it was full of minesweepers and people would leave icy piss about as a deterrent, (not that anyone would have noticed!), the magic mirror worked (was it a two way mirror? If so who had the watching job!!) and it was a long way down those stairs, especially if you were being "escorted" from the premises (see magic mirror). Happy days....I wonder what will become of the place, yuppy flats perhaps?
What I can't believe is that 30yrs on the damn place looks exactly the same from the outside.
By all accounts, and aside from the pee tree, not much has changed inside either.
Oh well, if it ain't broke don't fix it I suppose.
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