The Tree in Joanna's

Guys, when did the tree in Joanna's become a mirrored column? I reckon it was very early 1980's but willing to be proved otherwise. Getting fed up with "sprogs" with less than 20 done claiming to have pissed against it!!!
I think(!) I remember the tree still being there in the early 90s and it disappeared about then?

I think so anyway - to be honest, by the time I ever got to Jo's I wasn't too bothered about detail. :drunken:
Like many others, I never went there sober. Have fond memories of "anti-minesweeping techniques" being practised - my personal favourite was pissing in a short glass and then adding a couple of ice cubes and waiting for it to be swept from the shelf around the tree. I then used to piss myself laughing as some unsuspecting muppet necked my chilled piss. Happy days.

P.S. Apologies to any RR members who may have drunk mine :thumright:


Lantern Swinger
Wasn't there on my first visit twenty two years ago and unless another f**kin one grew in its place (with the carpet being alive, not beyond the bounds of science) all the dits you hear about pissing on it or climbing the bastard by anyone under the age of 38???-40??? should be treated with caution! Still remember the 25 stone barmaid (Im being kind) and 'John Wayne' a weird old bird who was 4 foot nothing, had rickets and walked like 'The Duke' due to her unfortunate condition, mind you still got her 'Nat King Cole' most nights from dirty matelot bastards!!
The tree vanished sometime during 84-85 when I was on the Fearless, used to make me laugh seeing Jack either crimped up in or pissing out of it!
:pukel: Vague memories of it being there in the early 80's then gone about 85, I do remember the sign above the sink in the toilets stating "This is a magic sink, piss in it and you'll find yourself outside" It didn't lie.
Nero's and Club Tiberius were more my scene in the mid '70s. Even went into the Honky Tonk (once!) but Joanna's even has its own Myspace entry. According to this article in the Pompey News, Joanna's closed in May 2004 but I remember seeing another article about the removal of the tree (must have been the replacement) around 18 months ago.
Jenny_Dabber said:
They had a plastic tree for a while in 2000, dunno how long that lasted
Pretty sure it was there in 92, but was generally very very pissed by time we got to jo's so could have been anything
You would have thought that tree would have developed some sort of Disease with all us pissed up matelots relieving ourselves against it ?

Mind you it would never have needed watering all the time it was there in the 70's and I cant ever remember going in there Sober either !

Just had a flashback about "The Widows Hop" on a Wednesday night down Commercial Rd,I think it was where you could only get in with a tie and shirt,so we used to wear our long pussers socks out that night just in case we fancied going there and then we could put them round your collar,and you were in !!

Pulled some right mingers in there as well,mostly married to sailors who were on deployment at the time !
Talking of disease, if memory serves me correctly they even served food in there in a bar at the back? Having said that if Jack wants his "BEBOB" then he'll eat anything!!!
Jenny_Dabber said:
They had a plastic tree for a while in 2000, dunno how long that lasted
Ah, that'll be the one I remember then - to be honest, figuring out whether it was real or not wasn't my #1 priority by that time of night!
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