The Tot - R.I.P. 31st July 1970

Discussion in 'History' started by Chockheads_WM, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. I'm surprised to see that despite the fact that this is the 38th anniversary of the Death of the Tot the subject hasn't (or at least I can't find any reference to it) been mentioned today on Rum Ration
  2. Sorry happy in diamond lils this morning i wrote a thing saying happy birthday.
  3. Hi Hig,

    Roger That! Although............ I know for a fact that YOU do!
  4. Will just have to have a "splice" tonight to celebrate that...what a sad day that was..
  5. New I'd seen this thread somewhere

    "Where were you on 31 July 1970" - here's my original quote

    Spice the Main Brace ya all ..........
  6. Antelope pub Union st. Guzz. Now that was a pub ..... ^_^;
  7. the end of bubbly was enough to tip me towards d-by-p,have not found anything close to it sinse.
  8. Still have my shield also !

    Was in the Fighting 75 (Cherry B) in Far East - a sad day. I think it was the Aft Stoker's Mess that returned their Rum Fanny minus the bottom - made medallions from it for each of the them in the mess.

    I think the worst thing about the ending was that MOD(N) refused to allow us to buy the golden nectar, and reluctantly (I suspect) allowed jack to purchase the copper measures.
  9. The man responsible was one of the Hill-Norton brothers I believe. It was "out dated and unsuitable in a modern navy" allegedly (quoted as best as I can remember).
    Anything with alcohol in can't unsuitable IMHO.
    It was Winston Churchill who said "Don't talk to me about Naval Tradition. It's nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash".
    Well, we don't flog matelots anymore and the rum has gone.

    Jump in anytime Thingy.......

    Anyway ladies and gents - salut, cheers, slange, bottoms up.
  10. Tried E-Bay? :thumright:

    Although I am not RN, have never the less drunk a silent toast.
  11. So they gave the JRs an extra can of beer, and the SRs an extra tot of whatever ...... weren't the SRs meant to be the responsible ones ?
    * discreet cough*

  12. Had my final tot on Ark, at sea in the channel. We came off the Forenonn at 12.00. and went down and drew our bubbly on the cable deck. Everyone was very gloomy. Most thoughts at that time were wishing all those concered with the tots demise, A horrible ending.
  13. It was Admiral Mike LeFanu, one of the best officers ever to grace the RN, who died before his time. As the LMA on a Tribal Class frigate at the time I was both sad at losing the tot, but also very, very glad that I didn't have to be aware of all the birthdays of the Ship's Company. Popular mess-mates could be unconscious from over-consumption and I had to look out for them so that they didn't turn on their backs and drown in their own vomit. It would have been professional failure on my part and quite a lot worse for the poor sod who died! On the whole, I think the tot was an anochronism in a modern Royal Navy. It started many men on the road to alcoholism and resulted in afternoons onboard being much less than efficient/safe.
  14. Not if you worked tropical routine ............ ?
  15. Do I remember that officers lost the tot [or whatever they got] around 1963?

    Probably unworthy of it anyway, but there's a memory cell ticking away ....
  16. BZ Wardmaster. I owe you a dry ginger. ;)

    You beat me to it. Lovely man, unlike some of those around him. :roll: His son Mark also served in the Andrew, and later in the Society of Authors. He was the figurehead selected by Lord Owen to pass sentence of death on Tot.
  17. 1st/2nd Aug......still celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............tot a day keeps the misses at bay!! :thumright: :w00t: :thumright:
  18. Nice one, don`t know where you got that one from, but it`s nice to see on here that words are uttered without any thought to the truth, unless of course this is a bite, which if it is, I`ve bit.
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    Yip, fecked off in the same vain as fag stamps. LONG LIVE THE MILE & AHALF. :pukel:

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