The Tories commence asset stripping

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. It didn't take them long to revert to type as it transpires that many of England's best-loved forests and woodlands may be sold to large landowners, housing developers and international power companies in what could be the UK's greatest change of land ownership since the second world war. Thatcher and Major’s governments tried to privatise the Forestry Commission in the 1980s and 1990s but failed following intense pressure from conservation groups and lack of interest by industry. It will be interesting to see what the spayed Limp-Dems have to say on this proposal, if anything.
  2. 'Tories....yawn.......L-Dems....' + Finknottle = ........I wonder whyfor I am just 'not bovvered'?

    :yawn: :roll:
  3. Change the record - I think this one's broken.

    Tomorrow's news- Tories to blame for the financial crisis: it was Cameron's grand plan to get to power - by Finks...
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I think there is a point here and Finks is in my opinion correct about asset stripping, it is a philosophy of successive governments and in particular the tories are fond of abdicating responsibility for what after all belongs to all of us. There is deep concern in my community (a staunch tory stronghold) my village is surrounded by very well managed Forestry Commission woodland all of it donated to the nation by well meaning local rich folk within the last 50 years (literally surrounded) the thought that this could be sold to a timber company for profit and dubious management responsibility (who are they responsible to the nation or their shareholders - think about it) is worrying.

    There are no savings on offer here and actually the sell off is likely to cost the nation dearly, it is a philosophical sell off that fits in with the right wing capitalist viewpoint where responsibility is shifted and a new market is created or expanded, it certainly does not serve the people of this country in any way shape or form.

    Whilst we were all happy to see the Brown clown and all his cronies kicked into the background an unquestioning allegiance to our new leaders' ability to manage this country and its finances would be an error. They are neither experienced or respected for their financial management or the schedule of their austerity plan by the international community despite their insistence that they are correct, add to that continually watered down plans by both parties in the "partnership" to keep each other on side and a disaster is a distinct possibility.

    It may be too early to say their hair shirt tactics are wrong, only time will tell, but I'm certainly beginning to doubt their competence given official and unofficial reports following the Quango burning escapade(purely philosophical with no real savings yet made or likely), the SDSR (farce, and considering the world is a different place today than it was last week ridiculous in its assumptions) and now an attempt to sell off a large part of our countryside and I think I'm right to at least start to doubt that competence. Lets not even discuss the concept that GP's will be made responsible for managing the NHS, my GP(lovely old chap) by his own admission can't even manage his own dinner and has never received any form of training in this area, he will take on one of the soon to be made redundant hospital managers probably in addition to his practice manager, his costs are set to rise and he believes the concept is ill thought out and certainly not suited to such a rural practice.......... I'm concerned.
  5. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    It will be interesting to see if any of these sales are in breach of the original donation agreement.

    There is a case near me where the county wants to sell off a redundant school, which has been used as an arts and community venue for some years, which is on land that was left in a will many generations back 'for educational purposes' (or some similar phrase). In between the county actually sold off some of the land for housing, which appears to me to be a breach of the bequest, so presumably residual heirs could claim the whole lot back - a complicated business but it would seem the county does not actually have title to sell.
  6. And you have every reason to be concerned.
    It's ok keep having a cheap snipe at Finks, but I'm really sure like Chief tiff we are not getting from this government exactly"whats written on the tin".
    There have been quite a few on here bleating about defense cuts and delays, who exactly do they think are implementing these?
    I have been a true blue all my life and have lived through, like many on here, some truly world altering events, brought about by politicians of both Ike's. The Tories have always generated conditions of financial favor to business, and the spin off has been greater productivity hence greater scope for the working classes to improve their demise. Working on the theory supply and demand , the lower classes have been able to dictate higher wages, and then everyone is happy. But kid yourself not, the circumstances were connived for the business class and not the peasant footing the ladder, who only reaped the benefit, as crumbs falling off the table.
    This government if that is what you can call it. has very few crumbs about to fall, and those that do seem to be falling squarely into the laps of the chosen few, adding to the old conundrum that money attracts money.
    I hear the privileged few on here keep knocking the less fortunate and the expression " benefit scrounger" is no stranger to Rum ration pages, but let me tell you from close up and personal experience there are a lot of normally hard working people out here who cannot earn what is required to sustain a decent standard of living, and not by choice.
    The government now pay less housing benefit to wards interest on a mortgage, but if people think that interest on mortgages is not rising because the Bank of Englande interest freeze, then think again. My daughters mortgage has just increased by £70.00 per month, but her income has been static for over two years. The cost of living has increased and inflation is up to 2%.
    And when you get the scenario of not being able to pay added to not being able to sell, someone please tell me where all the repossessed families are supposed to live? We are told daily there is no council accommodation available, private rents are above what the local authorities will pay and low payed folk can't afford the shortfall.. Please do not suggest we could not end up having shanty type dwellings in this country (or at least massive trailer/caravan parks) as it's not true, we are fast becoming more European than I have a taste for, and its truly not unheard of in Europe.
    So Finks may be mocked as "To-days " madman, but so was Moses at one stage.
  7. A quote from George Osborne on Labours forthcoming public spending plans on the eve of the Northern Rock crash.
    "Today I can conferm for the first time that a Conserative government will adopt these spending totals."He would track Labours spending every step of the way,------ WHOOOPS:donut:
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2011
  8. When the Labour party came to power in 1997, they stressed that they would not revise the outgoing Tories economic policies, and why indeed would they as the country was prospering. The main issue at that time was the amount of "sleaze" erupting daily from the Tory party at all levels. And lets not kid ourselves they won big when they took power.
    13 years later we were all but bankrupt, and no sign of any upturn in their way of management, or even promised reform of policy.
    And yet with all that going against them,.. the Tories were unable to secure a decent working majority.
    IMVHO it is all to do with faith and trust. David Cameron may have many standing up applauding, but he leaves me with a feeling of "is he isn't he"?, and because of many years of disappointment in politicians, I err on the side of caution.
    Asset stripping is a favorite fall back of governments who are desperate for cash, and if that is the case then we return to the old adage of charity beginning at home. Aid is one thing in certain scenarios, but when you look at some of the recipients of our handouts, I would imagine even some of the the most ardent "bleeding hearts" would have to stretch a point to justify the case.
    I live in a neck of the woods (no pun intended) where forestry is high on the list for livelihoods and concern is tantamount as to the prospect of the industry being handed to foreigners to whom our environment is of little or no consequence.
    My ex B-in-law is an area manager for the forestry commission and reckons there is no need or justification to sell other than a short term boost to the treasury coffers. Then what??
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2011
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I had to rub my eyes and reread that again. Bit early for a drink Rat. ^_~
  10. Acourding to the latest opinion polls the majority of the electorate would agree with you.
  11. Well you see the way things are going for the civvy under this regime, I reckon I need to drink hard, fast and early whilst I can still afford it.
    I voted for them as well, I bet some ******* having a laugh at my expense somewhere.=-(

  12. I thought you were surrounded by a Prison? :)
  13. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    :pottytrain2: Don't get me started on that........... whilst it has had two wings added on the other side of the hill since we moved here the site is actually getting further away. Besides, all the staff will be going on strike soon and the place will be run by half trained matelots and crabs who have completed a 6 week course in prisoner handling whilst the escaped convicts run around in said woods. I hope not, they are doing a bloody good job of the gardens, it would be a shame if they all escaped they are cheap!
  14. Well put mate. I too voted Tory due to seeing the constant mis-handling of the economy by Broon and his fogies and to be honest i'm worried aswell as there doesn't seem to be any money left in the kitty to get the economy going again. That and the fact that the banks that seemed to play a large part in the demise aren't lending any of "OUR" money to help stimulate business just seems to create a dire situation. Also. having worked in the seat of parliament for a number of years I can see that the situation is getting worse mainly because the numpty MP's that are being voted in from all parties that have absolutely no experience of real life and come from OXBRIDGE educations where lets be fair if you tell someone from there to turn left, they will turn right.

    My tuppence!!
  15. Finx will be loving this........... 'They're all agreeing with my post'......lets not forget the asset stripping of Gordon the Moron..... Pension funds raided, gold reserves flogged off at bottom book prices, 10% tax rate pulled, personal tax allowances frozen, abolition of married mans tax allowance. They came to power in May 1997....his first budget was in June 1997... he couldn't wait to get his hands on our money. He and Bliar certainly stripped some of my assets. :evil:
  16. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'm confused, are you saying that Finks is right or wrong.

    The asset stripping of yesteryear is done, most of us voted with our feet. Finks is now suggesting that the tories are no better most seem to agree, your position isn't clear?
  17. So it's not being sold off then, just reverting back from whence it came for a fee.

    Anyway, it's only a consultation paper at present.
  18. Finx normally gets stick for his posts..... and as you say, most seem to agree with him, which I assume will please him.
    The asset stripping of yesteryear affected me directly.... so far, this does not directly affect me, nevertheless, to say I am disappointed with messers Cameron and Clegg would be an understatement. But there again, they're politicians, what can you expect.
  19. Interesting read this thread. I personally just felt that a coalition govt would never be able to achieve what was needed in the aftermath of the Labour train wreck of Cyclops and Smarmy Cnut. Generally they havent yet done anything to improve my confidence in them..... Tories and Libs seem to be constantly releasing ideas and statements about how they are going to do 'X' and 'Y' and almost always end up contradicting eachother.

    Also interesting to see how badly the Govts popularity has slipped.

    Just my thoughts
  20. This is ridiculous how far back shall we go, to Tory Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement? New Labour were ousted and now we have to deal with the present incumbents. This forest/woodland proposed sell off is nothing short of environmental vandalism and what will be next the NHS, well of course it will. Then we have that Limp Dem Danny Alexander’s (more faces than the Guildhall clock), given he led the attack on this policy in Scotland in a previous incarnation.

    Maybe some of the Tory lovvies here would like to form a charitable trust and purchase some woodland, that way they could become part of Camorons big society? They would also be able on making such a purchase to apply for grants in order to be good or not stewards of their purchase and therein lies the rub anyone who makes the purchase will be eligle for grants proving that this will be of short term benefit to the public purse and in the long run will cost us the taxpayer much more. It works very well as it is and does not cost a fortune, so these government buffoons should leave well alone.

    On this particular issue the Scots and Welsh have show common sense.
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