The Tories are still at it.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Aug 19, 2012.

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  1. After giving it large about our massive success in the Olympic Games it has been revealed that the Tories are still continuing with Thatcher's ideology of selling off our school playing fields, it's a bloody disgrace.

    Extract from the Telegraph and link to full story.

    Michael Gove has ignored the opposition of the School Playing Fields Advisory Panel to approve sell-offs five times in the past 15 months, documents show. It has also emerged that the number of sales given the go-ahead by Mr Gove is far higher than the amount admitted by the Coalition this month.

    Mr Gove apologised for publishing the wrong figures, saying he had been given incorrect information by his officials.

    No shit Gove!

  2. Pity they didn't sell off the playing fields at Ganges, would have saved me an enormous amount of time ironing the gym shoes and blancoing the sports top
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  3. Mafakin has also being relieved.
  4. I have heard of Mafeking but where the **** is Mafakin? @[email protected]
  5. Quite near Readymoney beach Fowey.used to be the home of the Rashleigh family. Next question
  6. I'm pretty sure Labour have been doing exactly the same tthing as well.

    I guess the upside is that the Tories have held their hands up and admitted it. When was the last time you saw a Labour politician doing the same thing? Oh wait, it's never happened.
  7. Didnt the, every one is the same except for me party, scrap sports just in case someone lost and was damaged for life, ergo no need for playing fields.
  8. Bring back the Monster Raving Loony Party. At least you know where you stood with them.
  9. Who the feck are the Rashleigh family, you name dropper and has that place near Readymoney beach Fowey also been relieved? Has there playing field been sold off as well, if not your comments have SFA to do with the topic?
  10. How sure is pretty sure?
  11. Finks I would dearly love to give you a battle of wits, if I thought that you were armed. However the Rashleigh Family built Alms houses Circa 1500's. Also built a school which did have a playing field. more can be found by the Google and searching Fowey history. The playing field, is still a playing field

    1912. He was a member of the Rashleigh branch founded by Philip Rashleigh who moved to Cornwall in the early 16C and purchased property at Menabilly and Combe near Fowey in Cornwall. The results of E W Rashleigh’s work have been deposited in the Cornwall Record Office and are catalogued under the general reference RS/--. He drew up a tree using the information in the article by Marshall and it is included here. (Tree 1)
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  12. "The Labour government between 1997 and 2010 sold off 226 fields."

    Pretty damn sure.
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  13. Thanks for that MLP, not that we needed proof that one lot of bastards are as bad as the other lot of bastards and it is still outrageous. I don't expect the playing fields of Etonian will be sold off to some developer. At least in the land of oatcakes and whisky it's not a problem, as, we have plenty undeveloped land.

    Having said that, did you choose your words carefully when you wrote sold off 226 fields and not school playing fields?
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  14. Not my choice of words, copied and pasted from The Independent.
  15. I'm 1,000,000% sure.

    Just like what I told the guy what wanted LSA for living in a married quarter on account of burying his wife and cat and thus being separated from them forever. Unfortunately he was VOLSEP rather than INVOLSEP so he couldn't have it.
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