The thought of joining

I have a few questions

From walking into the careers office how long does it normally take to get your start date for training ?

I'm looking at the possibility of becoming a mine clearance Diver can anyone shed some light on what phase 2 training is like for this role ?

And last but by no means least, what is life like in the navy ? What would I be doing day to day ? And please don't give me all rosy stories be honest.

Thanks in advanced.


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OP use the search box (top right) there are masses of threads on all the questions you have asked. If you have any questions after reading them come back.


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There are plenty of threads about becoming a Mine Clearance Diver but it is one of the most difficult branches to gauge approximate waiting times.

In order to manage expectations, passing the AFCO element of selection can usually be cracked within two or three months - assuming there are no delays at the Diving medical (different to the AFCO medical) or the PJFT (1.5 mile run - 10mins 30secs).

The big delay? PDA (Pre Diving Acquaint): fit to apply mine clearance diver.pdf

There is about a 12-14 month wait to get a place on a PDA course due to the popularity of the branch. The snag? The majority of people fail their first PDA because they grossly under-estimate the phys requirements.

Occasionally, you could be lucky & pick-up a short-notice cancellation place on a PDA but in the majority of cases, you will be saddled with a long wait. During the long wait however, if a cancellation pops-up in a month's time & you aren't fully fit to go at short notice, then it's back into the queue.

Once you pass PDA, you'll be allocated an entry date in the next term. (ie: those passing Jan-March will join Apr-May, etc.)

The other major snag? Initial Naval Training at Raleigh is rounded-off with another Diver phys- assessment and about 50% fail it, losing their place on Diver training.

Day to Day? Forget diving in the tropics - imagine diving in a murky, fast-flowing river estuary, zero visibility whilst it is snowing on the surface and you are trying to wrap a lifting-strop around a second world war bomb buried in mud. When serving on a ship? 90% of your time you will be employed as a Warfare Specialist, not diving.


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I'm thinking of becoming a marine clearance diver what's the difference between that and being in the infantry in the army ?
You are a day late.

The only RM branch that does any diving is Swimmer Canoodlist.

The difference between Royal Marine and Army Infanteer is probably best summed-up by the disallowed Countdown word: Amphibiosity. And the availability of around 30 transferable trades in addition to rifleman.

Mine Clearance Divers, on the other hand, are sailors, not soldiers. But Divers do have a penchant for dressing like woolly-hatted soldiers for some reason.

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