The Teetotal Matelot

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Righteous_Canary, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Ever heard of, or served with, a teetotal matelot? Does such a thing even exist?
  2. Eurmm, Just now i dont drink, But i guess that's all going to change when i finally get in 8o
  3. well will change you when you get in dont worry about that :twisted: :twisted:
  4. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Fancy a pint?
  5. I've served with two. Like me, they're now outside.

    Funny thing is that they both look a lot younger and fitter than me, but they've never known the great experience of waking up with beer/kebab breath and seeing a pool of p1ss on the floor.

    Also, they will never have the pleasure of thinking "oh fvck, no!" as the memories of last night start coming back!

    Edited to add: I'd still do it all again though.
  6. Coming from a fellow weedgie, i cant wait :twisted:

    When i say i dont drink, i dont drink in excess :roll: So im hardly ever drunk, and you may ask, whats the point of drinking then 8O
  7. 8) Just think when folk who don't drink wake up in the morning, that's the best that their gonna feel all day :!: Dean Martin 8)
  8. Well, I could be classed a semi-teetotal myself (if that even makes sense lol). Reading all the dits on here it makes me wonder what it will be like once in the RN. Seems drinking is a major pastime for a sailor.

    I should look at the positives. Its great because I get to remember all the funny/stupid things that happened and remind them of it so everyone can have a laugh.
  9. we can solve that problem with a small amount of buckie not drinking in excess but still get blootered. 8) 8)
  10. Buckie milkshakes pop into my head, it just sounds and looks absolutley minging :roll:
  11. Ah another fcuking idjit that wont make passing out - not the drinking but the patronising shite.
  12. A WEM(R) on the Scylla didn't drink or even go ashore much. He played guitar in the ship's band, "Jimmy Jackstay and the Highpoints".
    He was 18 and had a scurry set. Albert was his name. No nickname, just ........Albert. I can't remember his last name.

    He was really exciting to be around.
  13. Didn't mean to come across as patronising Stan. My bad.
  14. Nah shippers you sound ok but but but its almost a way of life never got me in the shit but lots of laughs enjoy mate, bet you on the piss not long after you join your first ship
  15. Had a Stoker on the Invince Dale C****** who didn't drink. One night at a mess party we were shooting tinnies. When it came to Dales turn he wouldn't do beer but he would do a tin of Coke. No shit we were expecting projectile vomiting and foam coming out his nose, nothing. Respect Dale. :cheers:
  16. I served with several. Killick steward on a type 15 in the fifties, lived in a box mess with a maximum of eleven victualled. One "UA" and one "T".
    The other nine of us enjoyed ourselves :D .
    His excuse was that he was a fanny rat and couldn't afford both! 8O
    Did the long Catering course in '64, three killick cooks, one didn't drink, but being a bon oeuf divided his tot between the other two. Good run ashore oppo, in charge of transport (motorbike and sidecar), always made sure we returned on board safely, was a big hit with the ladies, and could produce a fund of jokes on a couple of glasses of lemonade, also a class dart player. :wink:
    After the demise of the tot, 2K Chief's mess on a Leander. Greenie Tiff, didn't drink, but spread his three units and beer ration round the mess, mostly to the bloke who could produce nice sandwiches for nine o'clockers :roll:
    Not all teetotallers are bad! :twisted:

  17. 2BM Fair one mate its probably the idjits that don't drink often then free barrel time that make the biggest tw*ts of themselves
  18. A fellow scribes, very useful oppo, ensured you had a shake after a run ashore, handy taxi service when shore based, and an excellent best man who made sure I got back from my Stag do's in more or less one piece, on the down side, he stopped me doing a runner from the church on the day of the wedding
  19. Chippies Mate on the EXMOUTH 1965/6 didn't drink, got really offended if you swore - and he was a Jock. First and only TT I ever met.
  20. Fcuking killick dog on the Sutherland was TT. Wouldn't mind, but used to invite himself on runs just to get us run. Well popular, even the RPO hated the cnut.

    I like the TT's who didn't drink cause they had major snags in the past. At least they had an excuse. The ones who just never ever tried it, were a bunch of homo's.

    Edited to add: For me getting run all the time, being busted twice and refused PO's twice is all in the career of Jack.

    And I still love getting crappers.

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