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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by danny, May 17, 2008.

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  1. According to the article he is quoted as saying "I love being in the army"
  2. After working with royal i find this very hard to beleve. Most seem to say i hate working with percy.
  3. Sorry, I didn't write a good post there!

    I'm sure its a misquote, but surely one which should be fairly easy to get right? I don't read the sun so can't comment on the frequency of errors, but judging by posts on here, on comments by other people who read it and on the times when I have flicked through it, I think they rite preety godd
  4. The writer's email is at the bottom of the article, anyone care to email himon the fact the RM is not part of the army?

    Also, near the bottom, Royal (meaning the Prince) is uncapitalised. I am unsure but I thought it should be
  5. The Sun paper...

    i would seriously be happy if mr suicide bomber walked into the Sun Hq at night and blew it sky high....

    i would e-mail them if i had the time.
  6. for years the tv staion in Guzz referred to HMS Seahawk as RAF Culdrose
  7. They simplify the article as much as possible so four year olds can understand it.
  8. They're aiming a bit high aren't they?
  9. When you take notice of that bog roll paper I am afraid it is time to call it a day!!
    Friend of mine was a in the USMC and for years and years his mother would ask how things are in the AIR FORCE!!!!
  10. Its not just the Sun though is it, I have heard RM's called Army on the BBC, ITV and Sky news. I have seen them referred to as Army in the so called Broadsheets.

    Love or hate the sun, it is the most popular paper in this country and it prints what will sell and it appears to be no better or worse than the other tabloids.

    btw the only paper I buy regularly is the local weekly who DO seem to know the difference between the RM and Army
  11. i buy the paper to read about national and international headlines...

    the sun concentrates on utter shite.....celebs,clothes...affairs....

    just goes to show how many fucktards there are in this country.
  12. How can we expect the Nationals to get it right when you see the amount of glaring errors in the Dockyard Dandy/Skate times! Now seeing has they operate from inside HMS Nelson they should have no excuses!!
  13. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but on the news all military personnel abroad (Afghanistan, etc) are "soldiers" no matter what job they do... I'm not sure whether to be annoyed about it or not.
  14. No doubt because they all look like Soldier's, if your dressed in combats the average civie is going to think thats what you are!!
  15. Now when I was a lad!

    The wording is SEA SOLDIER!


    It takes 12 established trees to make one tonne of newsprint, which is enough to print 14,000 editions of an average-size tabloid. That means a daily usage of newsprint of a little over 107 tonnes. Which, in turn, means the felling of 1,284 trees.

    Kiss a tree hug a whale.

    You know it makes sense
  16. "No doubt because they all look like Soldier's, if your dressed in combats the average civie is going to think thats what you are!!"
    'Fraid that's how it is...khaki is khaki is khaki.......though I read in the Sunday Times yesterday that Old Gordie is supporting the reinstatement of the annual military tournaments....televised upgrade the support and understanding of the military by civilians....can't be a bad thing.

    As for 'The Sun'- c'mon's official average reading age is 6 years old, that's been established for a long time. Hence the simplicity of language etc.

    Best to focus on whether it offers an all-round supportive tone of the Forces or not...that's what really counts at the moment in Britain.....getting that back onto some sort of solid footing.
    Slowly, slowly, catchy civvie. :)
    Jog on.x
  17. I only read The Sun once a few weeks ago (my parents being avid Telegraph groupies) and it made me smile. I love the way it tries to juice up the stories by making them sound more like gossip! I was reading the Elisabeth Fritzl story and half expecting the writer to drop in: "She was well fit before she went in there an' now she's all albino and sh*t".

    Bit irrelevant, maybe, but it made me chuckle.
  18. It's a tabloid....therefore has a morale duty to write bullshit. Juicing it up is what gets the masses going.....unless they have the savvy to think laterally.

    Considering we are breeding a nation of turkey-twizzler eating, obese text-writing, illiterate benefit-muching hoodies - I doubt it.

    But hey - there's at least ONE Telegraph reader among us at least- and I like the Guardian and Times, or anything on a train that's free and remotely sensible......hope springs eternal ...and at least the crosswords are easy-peesy:)

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