The Sun: "You've Shrunk Our Battleships"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. I understand that Nelson actually once said that on his death, "Want of Frigates" would be found engraved on his heart.

    It does seem a waste of money if the newer ships such as the Bulwark and the Albion are sold. Same with the destroyers; so much investment in the T45 gone to waste.

  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    According to Richards and Dannets pongos can walk on water so why the fuss?

    Who needs an Amphibious capability when perce can just walk there? Who needs air cover when perce just fights people on mopeds?

    Hell, these new grey funnel liners the T45's are so fab they can be in three places at once, infact the UK isn't even an Island anymore, according to some Eurocrat Kent is part of some frenchland.

    It'll be fine, all we need is pongo's. They even contribute all the 10,000 people on each Herrick tour that needs 9,500. Bootnecks, Jack and them crabs dont even get a look in.

    No, lets put all our resources into one basket. It makes so much sense as the Navy and the RAF have fcuk all to do anyway and are stood around watching awestruck as Perce conquors the world single handedly.
  3. If Dannet has his way the Fleet of the future will consist of the RNLB, the highly rated SRPS (Seaside Resort Pedello Service.), the secretive Serpentine Row Boat Patrol and the Cabin Cruiser Flotilla.
    Royal can stand by as well, in future Recruits will have to choose between the comb and Izal Medicated toilet paper makeshift kazoo or the empty 1.5 lt Coke bottle filled with dried pinto beans as their career musical instrument.
    Seems that Perce have overtaken the Crabs in grabbing the biggest slice of the budget cake. :wink:
  4. When is perc taking over the STC branch?
  5. It's rumoured to be going to RAF Reg. :cry:
    I'm all for starting one of those Petitions to No 10 that are gratefully recieved and even more ignored to vent my growing outrage at the gash graphics on the Sun article.
  6. (7,500 sailors will be laid off) as there is also 5,000 people waiting for entry to join it makes me think i will never actually get in do you think if this goes ahead that they will stop applicants who are waiting to join ?? :cry:
  7. No they will always need new recruits, but it might mean that your waiting time goes up.

    Anyway this is just the press trying to guess, we'll know more in about a months time after the SDSR is annouced.


  8. Get some Sea time in here.Sea Time Adventures
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't dropping the DD/FFs from 32 to 25 the price paid by 1SL for getting the Carriers in the first place?

    Danegeld is alive and well and living in Whitehall.

    When's foxhunting to become legal again?
  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I think it's all good on the fox hunting stuff as long as you dont blow your trumpet about it
  11. Does anybody really believe anything that is written in the sun?
    Now if it was announced in the Beano or Dandy, or even Viz, it may hold a drop more water.
    Nice graph though, all that extra ink should add some flavour to a dull fish supper.
  12. Can't remember the last time I had chips in newspaper?

    Did have chips in sheets of cigarette filter paper from a chippy in Chester once, you could see the lines up it where they cut the correct size filters out!!! :D
  13. I always find these types of quotes laughable:

    We've already got rid of most of the cold war stuff IMO. :roll:
  14. Winner!

    Small ships are not mentioned so there safe!!


    Small ships are not mentioned so there fucked!!
  15. What was the cruiser the Scum says we were supposed to have had in 1982? I never saw the fecker :?
  16. Tiger? Scrapped in 86 but laid up for years before it since 78. Sister ship HMS Blake went in 82. Both were considered for mobilisation for Op Corporate but found to be in need of too much work
  17. I thought of those 2 because they surveyed the old Bulwark to see if it would make it but discounted it as they were knackered then although I'm sure perce and Royal would have appreciated some 6" NGS.
  18. Amazing how many ships that were laid up 78ish and unusable by the time of the falklands would have made a huge difference. Like the Ark etc
  19. does that mean when they axe these ships all the sailors of that ship will be laid off :( or will they just do random lay offs?? are small ships and the sailors on them defo safe??? CONFUSED.COM :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

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