The Sun: "Pirates On The Rocks - Navy Sinks 17 Boats In Sea Bandit War"

Wow, from the Sun's drawing 17 boats sunk in 4 years huh? I'm sorry for the sarcasm.

Me thinks that there are other truer forces at play here. Weren't there some chaps inserted into Somalia to do 'stuff' on land? And don't forget we have the true warlords running these pirates. Perhaps they have now been bought off with their mahoohsive ransom rewards for capturing the merchant ships.

You never know, they may spend some of that money on restocking the seas with fish that were taken by the West's industrial fishing fleets that started this problem in the first place.


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The 'West'? Try China, Russia, Japan ..

The Mr Bigs have done very well out of the huge ransoms and they had nothing to do with fishing before.
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