The Sun Military Awards

As I don't buy newspapers, this was seen in "another place";

The Ministry of Defence has teamed up with The Sun newspaper to create Britain's first ever awards ceremony exclusively for the Armed Forces.
I normally have the utmost regard for HRH the PoW but, on this occasion, he has me completely baffled. I'm aware that he has a particular interest in developing young people and providing them with worthwhile opportunities; so perhaps, he believes this would be popular with today's young Service-folk.

What ever happened to dignity?

Maybe I'm getting old!


Lantern Swinger
I can appreciate the sentiment, but I think the execution leaves a little to be desired - The Scum?! Ye Gods, can't it be something decent like the Torygraph at least?!
It's not far off now.... There used to be things like 'Telephonist Of The Year' and Writer Of The Year'. I did my time as an HQ1 Watchkeeper and answered the phone with aplomb. I never made the top ten. I then thought that being a greenie I would try and instigated 'Switchboard Paralell Of The Year' It never came off but I think I can see it coming. We should also push for 'Heaving Line Throw Of The Year' The awards and recogntion would have youngster flocking to the careers office. Imagine getting your photo in The Sun..... F*cking Yeah

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