The Sun Military Awards 2011 - Outstanding Sailor Or Marine Category

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm going to get roasted for this I expect but I think the "millies" are ****.

    Dumbed down load of bollocks spouted by a media organisation that pretends to care. Fair play to the lads getting nominated/exploited but, really, is there any need? Can anyone see them happening or book tickets for an audience seat for the 2018 awards?

    I know the DCM has been cut from the honours list but to anyone old school dont some of the acts being bigged up by the sun make you think, " Yeah, DCM material" ?

    Nice to see a wooly pully tho.
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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To many the civil awards, whilst outwardly well intentioned & the recipients worthy, tend to mask the fact that the Armed Forces should be recognising and rewarding these individuals in any case. If that is happening, then all well & good, but if the individuals are going unrecognised formally due to poor or lack of actions by the chain of command (as has most certainly happened previously) then that should not go unremarked either.
  3. I'm 50/50 with the millies. One part of me is like it's good for our PR with the public. The other part agrees with Blobs.
  4. What this has done for me is highlight the fact that though 45 suffered no fatalities during the last deployment some of them came back with life changing injuries.
  5. The millies are dreadful. We don't need the Sun recognising military achievements. They can slurp my pole.
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  6. I agree with Blobs but for different reasons - The Millies should be axed because i am sick to the back teeth or reading 'journo speak' written with less military knowledge than my Lakeland Terrier has. Take the first story for instance - A section Corporal is not a fecking Troop Commander...................
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  7. I have more of an issue with the sponsors than the awards - Don't buy the Sun, don't buy in to anything they do.
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  8. As I have due to this headline during the Falklands conflict. I knew an old Royal RIP who was in one of the turrets on the KGV when the Bismark was sunk, he told me as it went down they all lined the upper deck and there was no cheering as they all knew it could just as easily have been them.

    I would not wipe my arse with the Sun.

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  9. I would.

    Mine, not yours.
  10. It's all in the Sun tomorrow then? :pottytrain2:
  11. I don't believe for a moment that the scumbag editors or cocaine/alcohol addled journos of any News International (or most other newspapers come to that. Standfast Navy News!) title give a flying fook about servicemen and women, it's just good copy.
    I'd say to all and any recipients or nominees for an award "Fill yer boots on the night and if they put you up in a hotel loot the mini bar, soap, stationary anything."
    If it gets them a night on the tiles and they can endure some celebs backslapping go for it says I.
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  13. There was clip/trailer on the news tonight. Mrs S-B knows enough that she is aware we do not have sergeants in the RN. So she asked 'why is that young girl wearing sergeant's stripes?' I had to explain that she was a 3 badge AB. Now, not knowing in what context the clip was shown (maybe LIVERPOOL?) obviously we still have the odd 3 badgeman, ooops, 3 badge AB!! Or was she busted?
  14. Busted or an absolute clownshoes, she is a reservist mind.
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  15. Some people like to be told what to do as opposed to telling others, In my day there was a degree of Kudos attached to being a 3 badge **** all.
  16. Fixed that for you!!
  17. Thankfully those days of carrying wasters are long gone.

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