The SUN - Marine security breach?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by S-Boat_Dinosaur, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. According to todays Sun newspaper
    "BLUNDERING MoD bosses are spending £610,000 on putting up 80 Royal Marines in a TRAVELODGE.
    They have booked all 45 rooms at the hotel — which has no security from terror threats.
    A bungle meant there was no room for the men at their base miles away.
    And to add to the fiasco the £65-a-night Travelodge on the outskirts of Barnstaple, Devon, is now EMPTY. All the Marines are away on three weeks’ Easter leave — and a Sun reporter walked in unchallenged.

    “It’s a slap in the face to ask them to camp like refugees when the Government is about to send them off to war. They also know it can only mean less money for kit on operations.†"

    To make things worse the sun publishes exactly the location of the travel lodge. The marines are triaining for a forthcoming deployment to Afghanistan. Is it me, or has the sun just given a green light to any British Jehaddists to come and have a go at the marines. imagine a car bomb parked in a travel lodge carpark.
    Is the Sun highlighting shortcomings in accommodation, or putting our troops at risk?
  2. We dont get the Sun in the land of sand (loosly termed news paper), however, the Editor and executives should be imprisoned for publishing material suitable for aiding terrorism, ( i do believe this is a law in the UK)

    Freedom of Journalism is one thing, but to publish information that could lead to breaches in national security should be punished severly. if the peices of shite reporters found this out they should have give the MOD the heads up first.

    howver I would like to see Johnny Jihad take out the Sun news us all afucking favor :rendeer:
  3. OK FFS will you lot stop using the words Sun and Newspaper in the same breath. In fact don't even suggest it is anything more than a third rate comic which is pack to the gills with pure fantasy.

    Journalism? Give us a break. Quite why anyone who has anything to do with the military would ever buy it is beyond me. They are the epitome of the Smiling Assassin ... possibly quite literally in this case. Anything for a story no matter the consequences.

    Still they can always print a short apology on page 307 after the damage is done.

    SF :pissedoff: :rage: :censored: :frustrated: :mumum: :angry8: angry9: :banghead:
  4. The cost will be far less than the £61,000 quoted. We all know that you can get rooms for £19 a night.
  5. You can only get those rooms for £19.00 in certain hotels and at certain times. If they're popular hotels then you pay the full wack.

    I was put up in a hotel while on course at Culdrose last year. I was expecting to see maybe one or two Matelots in there but i couldn't believe it when i walked into the restaurant for breakfast to find it full of em. That place cost in excess of £150.00 for three nights. Apparnetly the hotels in the area were upping their prices big time since the accomodation at Seahawk were being revamped.

    Over all expenses for a two day course nearly £500 excluding pay and i went easy.
  6. Oh Der!! Nothing to do with news, matey, p3 keeps it in every mess across the whole of the armed forces!

    Back in the mists of time, when I was the ship's postie and paperboy, I was violently abused by one of the ship's WAFU SRs for not ensuring that the PO's Mess had more than one copy of the Currant!

    Mind you, for all the sh1t that the Sun gets on RR, I'd bet that the majority of its detractors at least look at the bosoms!
  7. Our unit and all around Colchester have been in Accom down town for 2 yrs plus, that a lot of money wasted!!
  8. Since when was The Sun a newspaper? o_O
  9. how can the sun call anyone blundering? Faggots need to be closed down, all there here for is to supply the uk's tramps and twats with page 3.
  10. Planks the lot of them; however, the MOD & the hotel should have set up some kind of security, kinda asking for it but then again, the reporters and the Sun are total [email protected]!
  11. Some joker on the news has just suggested that they should have been accommodated at Fremington.

    Fremington makes Garelochead and Beckingham look like a 5 Star palaces !!!

    Big question is, why is this necessary, where has all the accommodation gone?

    Answer - sold off, like the married quarters at BAe Warton, sold off just before the RAF personnel arrived to workup for Eurofighter.


    80+/- RAF personnel accomodated in a Holiday Camp at Blackpool and bussed in every day.
  12. Not just the sun reporting this. It's on the BBC website as well. I find it quite amusing that after the latest stage of accomodation rebuilds at RNAS Yeovilton a sign stands proudly announcing that there are 369 SLAM beds available for personnel. On a base that has upto 2000 personnel working there? We'll be looking for hotels shortly me thinks.
  13. I disagree - times have changed. Over the years they have pretended to be a friend to the forces but in their next breath they stick the knife in to us.

    This is one rag that I wouldn't even use to wipe my arse.

  14. O great get theres going to be dutys when i get back off leave. roaming patrols etc lol. fecking sun
  15. anyone got a link to this?
  16. Unfortunately the tabloids feel free to 'Back the Lads' and then turn around with glee and publish exposes of "Troops strip naked and expose their buttocks shock horror (Pst, photos available on our website!!)" or commit security breeches such as this.
    Quite frankly if you want to stare at plastic tits buy a **** mag and boycott the Scum, Mirror, Wail et al.
  17. I don't remember any fuss in the tabloids back in the days when OSPREY didn't have enough accomodation and you ended up in a B&B in Weymouth. What's the beef now?

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