The Sun: "iPranged a Submarine"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. Sounds like a line from Crimson Tide......oh wait it was the Crimson Tide..where did that damn dog go... :D
  2. Can't blame the Scum, really, as all the journo's have picked up on the i-pod thing, but the navigator was off watch at the time, and should have by rights been tucked up in his farter. The control room team, on the other hand, should have been far more situationally aware considering the water they were in at the time, and the XO in particular should shoulder a lot of the blame. All the bitching about the enlisted men is pretty much a smokescreen, the main culprits were the plot, the periscope watchkeeper, the watchleader and the XO. Everyone else is merely collateral damage.
  3. What is it with IPods and navies? Do you see a pattern?
  4. What are the rules on headphones and music onboard? (Off watch obviously) Are they banned due to not being able to hear pipes/alarms etc?
  5. Our standing orders say that they may only be used in messes and whilst in your bunk, and that the volume must not be so loud as to render the user deaf to pipes.

    Our JRs have had a lot of fun at the expense of people who have their volume up too high - attempt to engage the victim in conversation from the side to establish he can't hear, let everyone else know the score, then at a given sign, everyone reacts as if Emergency Stations has been piped.
  6. Brilliant!! Guess what I'm doing next trip?!
  7. I wonder if reporters have a search engine that looks for any press releases with the words "ipod" and "Navy" included?

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