The Sun: "Harrier Dump Jets"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Apr 18, 2011.

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  1. Stand by for shrieks of self-righteous indignation and multiple ad hominem attacks against Sharkey Ward by the much aggrieved light blue anti-carrier lobby even though this message has been pounded out by countless senior officers and eminent academics since well before SDSR. Joint Force Harrier? There was no such animal in the RAF's mind set.
  2. It's alright NG. We've got Italy. It's a perfect aircraft carrier. I mean, it's not like the Italians would ever switch sides in a conflict...
  3. Hope they do bring back the harriers, shame to see them rotting away!
  4. I think it's really short sighted,I'm not blaming Cam's at the moment although I'll never vote for him again,Blair/Broon are the architects of this mess.
    They are the ones who should be ashamed but you can't shame egotists.
    Broon as boss of the IMF?he couldn't run my local chip shop.
  5. Harrier

    Does anyone in the FAA or who is better informed than me (not hard) know if there is even a grain of truth in the idea of having a small strike wing for Lusty? It kinda makes sense but I imagine the training and backup is pretty much the same if you have 10 or 100? Incidently when does JSF start arriving?

    Ideas on a postcard......
  6. The F35 (JSF) will arrive at airstations to be flogged off to the saudi's for 20pc cost around 2018 i believe.
  7. Not a grain of truth whatsoever.
  8. ah bollocks... thought that would be the case.

    Currently working with the yanks and heard they might be buying them for spares.....

  9. The large scouse bird that works in Cott Naafi told me they were considering it :)
  10. I know her well. I also know people who have nailed her.

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  11. You sound like a man with experience!!!
  12. I have been known to rattle the odd stinking mess in my time, however she is a step too far even for me.
  13. Dont be so modest :-D
  14. Think all naafi birds are the same lol, wait till you come for the harrier to merlin conversion.

  15. Don't worry, I've done Helston. Literally.
  16. Seconded!!!
  17. Who hasn't MLP?
  18. However it was the late 80's for me. Era not ages!!! :)

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