The Sun and Help for Heroes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Full marks to them and to the Mail for starting the collection going for the D Day Veterans.
  2. H4H - a cracking bunch who need support, so BZ to any organisation that helps out, even the Sun. The sad thing is that a lot of the dosh is going to be poured into a too expensive hole in Surrey.
  3. Whilst their efforts are to be welcomed, perhaps they should look at the reasons this fundraising is needed.

    It is in very large part down the the generally low esteem the British public have hekd our servicemen and women in very much as a result of some of the more scurilous anti service person campaigns these very papers have run.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    The fact that there is a need for such a charity to exist - serving Armed Forces personnel who, as a result of injuries sustained during active service, need rehabilitation that should be available at no addition expense to the taxpayer - should be enough for those in Government who fraudulent fritter away "our" money to hang their heads in shame... although it probably won't.

    :cry: :roll:
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    ...I still refuse to buy The Sun, though. :evil:
  6. SPB

    Yes choosing who to dislike the most can be quite tiough on this subject.
  7. Shit paper but I have to congratulate them on its H4H efforts.
  8. I'm not being funny but it wouldn't hurt if a few people put their hands in their pockets on this site and made a contribution however small. There have recently been posts from H4H asking for help and the interest levels are to say the least poor!!
  9. XRD I do agree with you fella, However don't get Help for Heroes and Holidays for Heroes mix up as this thread is about one but your link is about another. They're two different charities I believe. Each deserving as much help as possible
  10. Thanks for pointing that out Tommo, my error it seems. However if i'm honest its not really about which charity it is but the lack of support people on this site seem to give. At the moment i'm not earning a wage because i'm on long-term sick but i have continued to retain my paypal account and pay some money to those men and Women who are in a lot worse state than myself. Perhaps those who get outraged and wail on about pointless shit on here should do the same!!!
  11. I totally agree dude. I also understand you don't need to post anything in a thread to support these great military charities or any other charities in fact.
  12. Very true indeed but when you look at the posts in comparison to ARSSE its bloody poor!!!
  13. Is that because the pongo's like to make sure people know they're supporting where as the matelots and bootnecks aren't as vain lol
  14. Hey i was always vain in my bestest dress a'la Laura Ashley mate. :wink:

    I just feel that theres alot of whining going on about how terrible everything is but there doesn't seem to be any support for the troops from some quarters who frequent this site.

    Time for me to go i think :cry:
  15. The Sun are trying to profit from it, pure and simple.

    Next week they'll be having a go at squaddies and matelots as the dregs of society, or whatever anti-Service tripe they decide is going to shift a few issues.

    The Sun and its ilk have worked very hard down the years to run the forces down and in many ways have far more impact than the likes of the Guardian, with its characteristic anti-military bias. It'll take a lot more support for the injured before I'll give them any credit for anything.

  16. Tommo, correct Help for heroes and hols 4 heroes are not connected. However, with reference to XRDs post, for obvious reasons I know exactly who the contributors and donators to Hols 4 heroes are , However the support and donations we gain from Rum Ration are significantly fewer than ALL our other outlets. People can't even be arsed to bump my threads on here, elsewhere they are bumped onto the main page constantly until I close the shout.

    Back on topic, the Sun is using this for it's own aims, not because it gives a fcuk, it has jumped on the bandwagon to improve its popularity, I wouldn't wipe my arse with it.
  17. Well I can't speak for everyone but sometimes I wish I can give to all but I can't. I don't also need to feel to post about it everytime I do manage to support.

    This however doesn't mean I wouldn't support all them neither :(
  18. I know that wasn't aimed ay me tommo but i also knew before Monty posted last that he was aware of how many people made a contribution from RR. My point is that there is alot of whinging from some quarters about how the forces have gone to ratshit but when the wounded both physically and mentally need a bit of help they couldn't even bother to make any effort regarding bumping the page or make a small contribution.

    Tight as fcuking *********
  19. I fully understand that not everyone can afford to donate, I have never said otherwise. The occasional bump wouldn't go amis and there is a notably higher volume of messages of support, interest and bumps on 5 or 6 other forums I post on.

    My point is that in comparison to other forums, websites etc, RR is easily the most apathetic toward NPMO and charities.

    I am not talking about everyone nor pointing fingers nor bullying people into giving what they can't afford (do you need that twix you had today? Or that 7th pint on friday? etc) I am stating the facts as they see them.

    It's not just about cash, it's also about spreading the word and giving a bit of support.

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