The Sun: "007: The Spy Who Subbed Me"

Patience is a virtue ...... :smile:

(as is the ability to add scans to a Rum Ration page without making a total dog's breakfast of it ..... :smile:)
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The only means of propulsion that "thing" shows are holes to fit lifting strops to.
The Suns explanations is something from ET.

However, i have been away from the scene for 18 years.

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Bless them. How about we all agree it could be a dry chamber or a min sub. Important bit is our "less friendly" friends can try and guess. I personally believe it is the new Wardroom Wine Cellar, for the use of.

Yes you Argentina, I'm looking at you. So how to you know that this submarine isn't off the coast with its mini-sub/dry chamber/Wardroom wine annex??? Eh??? Less of the gip or else.
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