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THE SUBMARINERS FORUM Welcome please read this sticky!


War Hero
I have been joined by one of the ''old and bold'' D/E submariners NUTTY.This forum runs its self however if you have any points/issues please PM DEEPS for Nuke stuff and NUTTY for D/E Dinosaur stuff.

Enjoy and see you all in the Forends with a few crates of CSB
Glad to join this website Deeps, and it would be nice to hear from some old boatmates of mine if they read this. Dicky (deeps)...nukes.
Which was the boat where the CO went berseyquack over the masking-tape cat and banished it from the Control Room....only to find several masking tape mice over the next few days?
I have to inform you guys that the death has occured of PHIL BARRATT,P.O greenie on boats. Phil died last week in Gosport of a massive heart attack.He was 51.Funeral at Portchester 18th at 2pm
hi I am looking for any info on the S/M 4 at HMAS Penguin in Sydney, My Dad was there 1956 to 1958.
We moved there when I was 6 months old. my Dad Died in Service 1959
so I know next to nothing about him
I was out in SM4 about 10 years after your Dad but Penguin was the same. The boats used the pier when in harbour and the crew when not on duty were accommodated in one of the blocks in the background. Some of the crew were Married Accompanied meaning they lived off base in civilian accommodation with their famillies. Most of the time we were training the Aussie Navy and occasionally the Kiwis. We all had a great time with plent of courtesy visits around the Australian ports from Cairns in Queensland to Adelaide and many stops in between.

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