The Stonnery

I heard over the Weekend that changes are planned for the Stonnery. Is it true that it will be complemented from the RFA Purser pool? What additional training is being provided and by whom? Anyone know what bilateral agreements have been made with DE&S on the status of the resupply stores?
Depends on who you talk to.

Fort Rosalie is supposed to regenerate sans-STON. 3 or 4 STON posts are to be retained (DSTON equivalent as explosives expert, and I think a SOPL and a Fitter, but I'm going from memory and could be very wrong) but the remainder will be taken over by RFA personnel. Overall numbers are to be reduced with the bulk of the former STON rating positions to be replaced with SG1As. Accounting will be SAs. MHE maintenance will be a LH(SE), which doesn't exist yet.

Additional training? Bilateral agreements? Oops.

Having chatted about it recently with an in-post STON, it sounds a lot like the proper groundwork has not been done and it's all going to be very interesting.

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