The State of the Economy

Gordon Broon is shouting that it isn't the fault of the government that the economy is in the mire. It is part of a global problem.
However the way I see it is that this problem was caused by the Americans.
Why is it that the pound has fallen against the Dollar from:
1.99210 Exchange Rate on 27th July2008 to 1.7250 today.

The EURO from:
1.43660 on 17th Oct 2007 to 1.28290 today.

Throughout these periods the government has been shouting that our economy is in good hands.

So who is to blame for the low £1?
The mind boggles!

One minute the tabloids are screaming petrol will soon be a pound a litre. Now they are screaming petrol is dropping down to a pound a litre and many supermarket chains are selling for a pound a litre. WOW :w00t: An early Christmas present!

The rumour service once stated long ago there are six people running this planet! I would say at least five are probably septics. How can anybody justify a salary of one hundred million dollars for five years work.
Not the fault of the Government, eh?

The weakness of an economy that imports nearly everything, makes almost bugger all, fixates on property values and clocks up monumental stacks of personal and corporate debt should have been obvious to anyone with a reading age of above 10: but, hey, what do I know; I'm just a loggie.
Gordon Brown is strutting round claiming he has saved the financial world from meltdown, but at what cost to the British tax payers.During his tenure as chancellor he borrowed,borrowed,and then borrowed some more.Before the banking crisis we were 100 million pounds in debt now it is even worse.Whoever forms the next government has got one hell of a problem.If we think taxes are too high now you aint seen nothing yet.
Just for info:

The UK national debt is the total amount of money the British government owes the private sector.

At the end of August 2008, UK National debt was £637.4 billion. (or 43% of National GDP)

Taken from here but obviously I can't vouch for accuracy

Edited to add:

I know its the wail, but Oh my fecking God!!
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