The Stages to starting your journey with the Royal Navy..


My journey and experiences and advice
on joining the Royal Navy!
Alright so this is my tips and experiences to the best of my memory. Take in mind i am 17 years of age that had no motivation, was suicidal and had nothing to fall back on, unsecured support so this wasn't an easy ride for me. This whole process has taken well over 10 months since i had to have a security waiver on me as i lived in Thailand for 2 years.. If you have any questions feel free to ask away, this community is more than welcome to help. Also Sorry if this puts you to sleep.. read a few of these in my time and thought an updated one would be needed. Let me know if this is helpful to anyone considering the Royal Navy.
  1. So the very first stage of joining up to obviously do your research! Make sure you understand all of the ins and outs of the navy up to your ability and make sure you know what you're signing up for! You will be reminded and informed along your journey but it's also preferred to not waste anybody's time! Once you've looked into roles and what's needed and what the navy life entails, then you should phone up a armed forces careers office that is near by you and arrange an interview. This interview you should ask any questions you have about the royal navy, jobs, what your options are, what they can offer you and also arrange all of the tests and interviews. (From Experience, it's always better to go in and speak face to face instead of 'fannying' around with emails and texts and phone calls). I showed up in a newly tailored suit (any suit will do as long as you're presentable and show you're making an effort) along with my dad who was a former Captain in the Merchant Navy. Another tip is to always make yourself presentable. None of the skinny jeans, trainers or any of that rubbish. Get your good suit on, polished shoes, ironed shirt and tie on! Moving back to the interview i had with my CPO Gary R********n, i had wrote the week before about 30 questions and entered confident and looking very sharp, spoke clearly and came off friendly and strong. This may not be the official interview but it most definitely gets your Officers attention and they will mark it down for when you go down to basic training at Raleigh. It didn't take long at all, he was very informative, friendly and honest. Don't be shy to ask any questions.
  2. Alright so once i had the interview with my CPO, he gave me dates for my very first test, the test was the dreaded psychometric test. In all honesty, it was personally the easiest parts along with the main interview itself. I had been given a date about 2 weeks from when i had went in to visit and had the meeting. At the time the offices where it would normally be held were getting renovated so i had to go to the RAF headquarters also in Edinburgh. At first i sat the test and then failed for Mechanical Engineer on a submarine by 1 mark.. You meet up with a bunch of other lads (all wearing suits i hope) in a room, chat a little, then when the test is about to start you enter the exam room and you get instructed on what to do and what to expect. It was fairly simple but you need, you NEED to think quickly and rush questions if taking too long because no matter how fast i went i couldn't complete any of the papers.. If you're one of the firs to be brought into the room to see if you have passed or not, chances are you've failed devastated, i went home and then phoned Gary who was amazing about it all and told me to not look behind me, i could still fortunately do Weapons engineering on a submarine so i had went for that. It was just my luck that the Royal Navy had changed the pass mark for Mechanical Engineer and i had got a phone call 1 week later saying the position is open again and i have the role! Don't sweat it too much and just do your studying and time yourself and answer questions and get your brain working fast.
  3. My next stage was my interview, don't ask me why it's in this order but it is for some reason, your's could be completely different... Like every time you're involved with the navy WEAR YOUR SUIT!!! Can't stress it enough, it was just embarrassing seeing other lads show up to the psychometric tests wearing a tracksuit, nike air max, snapback and hoodie whilst you're sitting there in a nice suit.. The interview lasts about 45-1 hour from my memory and you're asked a series of questions about family life, school, where you've lived and what not. I won't give too much away but it's also an ice-breaker and a great discussion you have. They may test you on your knowledge about the Royal Navy so beware! Just sit comfortably, relax, don't talk too fast and have eye contact. Be yourself because at the end of the day they're not hiring someone you're not.. I'm sure it will go well for every single one of you so don't worry. All CPOs are down to earth, hard working and very experienced people.
  4. The medical, it's not very interesting but if you're a boy they touch your testies but only for 30 seconds or so, few push ups, strafes and full body check just to make sure you're all good just don't do any drugs ever at any time since the Navy has a 0 tolerance for drugs, not only do urine tests show up with drugs but hair tests can also be done and track certain drugs that have been in your system for up to 90 days.. You have been warned!
  5. My last stage was the physical and for me this is the hardest. My training wasn't the best at all and i had so much going on with family and my head wasn't clear so i failed the first time I really put myself down about this but you have 3 shots at it and an 8 week wait until you can resit. My advice for training is get a gym pass, get on a treadmill and train every other day. Alternate between long distance/time running and HIT High Intensity Training/interval training. So Monday would be running say for 30 minutes at say 10km/h which is fairly easy or just run at your pace. Then say Wednesday you set the treadmill to 15km/h and run for 30 seconds and then jump off and rest for 1 minute and repeat that for 10 reps. You might want to start at a slower speed but what ever suits you. Now don't F*** this up like i did and loose motivation and hold it off one day, holding it off one day leads to another and so on... I was stupid and only gave myself 2 weeks to train for my pjft, fortunately i am a naturally healthy and fit bloke. When i first stated off i couldnt run 5 minutes... bearing in mind i am 6ft5 and 17 years old.. thats bad. Without training for 3 weeks i got on the treadmill and it killed me but ran 17km/h for 10 minutes. Just push yourself and push and push and if it helps listen to music, watch tv, run with somebody or mix it up. Just don't get off that treadmill. I killed the test at running 17km/h and alternated and passed with a time of arround 8 minutes and 20 seconds or so. A pass is a pass and you can easily run at 13.3 but if you do it shows that you're not willing to push yourself and just be a wuss. It shows you're not interested in yourself and you actually gaining skills and getting better and progressing. Move your fat arse and run! Test yourself every week or every few days. The test doesn't take any longer than 30 minutes, today when i sat mine i went in, signed paperwork, got changed, took my BP, height and weight and then warmed me up then i ran. Simple as.
I will go into more detail about certain subjects if you would like to ask about anything.
You can do it if you set your mind to it


War Hero
Good effort, an excellent read.

One thing that does concern me is the
Take in mind i am 17 years of age that had no motivation, was suicidal ...
bit. I sincerely hope this was figurative rather than actual.

One thing that slightly concerns me is this:

The medical, it's not very interesting but if you're a boy they touch your testies but only for 30 seconds or so,

Was this a disappointment?

Thirty seconds appears to me, to be an inordinate time-span to have someone cupping one's bits for no apparent reason. Presumably, to avoid the embarrassing silence you had a chat about the weather and your collective views on Brexit?

Best of luck in your career - if your career is half as good as mine has been, it'll be a blast. Enjoy!


I am fine now, i reckon since i am just young i have had these stupid thoughts in my head and that it was due to recent events that have happened in my personal life that had partially scarred me. I can assure you i do not have that attitude anymore.

The medical went well, 30 seconds is more than enough and it had to be done. Nothing special and the test for me took about 45 minutes with a little bit of paper work and few physical exercises and body check to make sure you're fit and healthy.

Also thank you @Ninja_Stroker . I am sure i'll be seeing you around these forums quite a lot. I'm sure you have way better stories than i have about it all. Will keep an update thread and keep in touch with everyone on these forms.


thanks for words i looking forward to everything u say and i will push my self hard to get there.hope u still there

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